BBB21. Caio says he caught Gilberto masturbating: “How disgusting”

On the morning of this Thursday (01/04) at BBB21, the brothers were waiting in the X-ray line when Caio told Rodolffo and Thaís that he would have caught Gilberto masturbating on the fourth string.

Whispering, the Goiano said that he saw movements in the economist’s comforter and that when he went to take action, João entered the room and called Gil for the X-ray.

“Wow, how disgusting! When I looked, I said ‘no, this mare is not doing this here’. I swear to god, he was like that [simulando um gemido], then João opened the door and said ‘Caio, X-ray’. I was hunting for a pillow to play with, catch it in the middle. João arrived and made a noise. ”

Rodolffo then asks if Gil has stopped. “Not. I was going to get him right away, I was going to pull the thing a little just to scare him. ”

Minutes later, Pocah arrived, the singer from the country went over the gossip: “Caio said that Gil was under the cover ‘playing one’”, said the Goiano, imitating the gesture with his hand. Rodolffo repeated the part that João called Gil for the x-ray and Pocah laughed. “Imagine the scare”, joked the funkeira.

Bate Boca Brasil

O Metropolises and TV Walter Abrahão (TVWA) premiered the program Bate Boca Brasil. With Leo Dias, former A Fazenda Luiza Ambiel, Bruna Braga and comedian Maurício Meirelles, the attraction will discuss everything about Big Brother Brasil 21.

The program is shown live on YouTube from Metropolises and through TVWA channels in pay TV services (channel 122 of NET and Claro; channel 143 of Oi; channel 161 of Sky; and channel 150 of Gigabyte).


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