BBB 2021: Camilla de Lucas reflects Rodolffo’s accusation and vent with allies

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Camilla de Lucas echoes Rodolffo’s accusation and vent to BBB 2021 allies (Images: Reproduction – Globoplay / Editing – RD1)

Lucas stretcher never had a great proximity with Rodolffo and the most recent Discord Game made that even more clear, in the BBB 2021. The influencer took advantage of the last party, which took place until dawn on Thursday (1), to vent with Juliette and João Luiz.

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The carioca sent the real about her feelings, without too much detour: “I’ll tell you about a stop that caught me in the middle of all these days, Sunday and Monday. Because, like, the Discord Game is a great day to understand what people think. And I heard some things that Rodolffo said that I didn’t like”.

To recap, Rodolffo gave her the “hunting like” sign, claiming that the confined person seeks a lot to get involved in other people’s bullshit and saying that he doesn’t know if this is a game or just a personality trait

Camilla even understood that the country singer has the right to think that of her, but explained why it affected her: “Because that is ok. Everyone here has the right to find everything. You can assess behavior and some attitudes. But some of the things he said changed my personal things”.

Days before I was almost crying with João, talking about this, that I couldn’t stand helping people anymore. It was a stop that he doubted me. I said I’ll be screwed for being so good”, Concluded the sister of Camarote, making the Geography teacher remember this previous outburst.

João also mentioned that he had a direct conversation with the famous, leaving Juliette curious to know the content. The miner promised to pass on this conversation later.

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