BBB 2021: Gilberto tries to reconnect with Juliette and receives moral lesson

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Gilberto tries to get closer to Juliette and receives a moral lesson at BBB 2021 (Images: Reproduction – Globoplay / Editing – RD1)

Gilberto was very shaken by the elimination of Sarah, his faithful squire from the BBB 2021. The duo was closed with Juliette in the first month of the program, but things went awry and paraibana was isolated from the extinct “G3”. After the marketing consultant left, the “survivors” decided to understand each other.

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Juliette complained that a fight had arisen with Lumena, which occurred in the first week of the program and she stressed that the doctoral student in Economics was partial in criticizing her posture of sitting, when the Bahian woman came with her finger raised towards her:

My love, I am telling you that I explained to everyone who asked me exactly what happened. But, Gil, put something on your head, people believe what they want to believe. You believed what you wanted to believe because you knew what I said and you forgot. The intention was to forget, it erased from memory what I said about the positive”.

The lawyer explained to Gilberto that she did not take this attitude with any malicious intent and that she just wanted to avoid further confusion between the two, with the most heated spirits:

Whether I sit or not sit, what is the relevance? If I did that in other situations or in other ways, it was to avoid two women in that situation. I’m tired of explaining the same thing, to the same people and yet they question me the same things”.

Following this conversation, Pipoca’s sister also got to grips with the fact that her former allies resurrected an old bullshit, since at the time they didn’t warn her about anything: “I think this whole trip could have been avoided. After I don’t know how many weeks, the same question? It’s too much saw”.

In spite of everything, Juliette told Gilberto that she doesn’t take any grudges, even after provocation: “If your concern is for me, you can get that guilt off your back. Good people do bad things. There is no such thing as good and bad. Forgive yourself because I don’t need to excuse, forgive. What happened, happened”.

The Pernambucano admitted that he made a mistake with the makeup artist and heard words of encouragement in relation to Sarah’s future outside of reality, in addition to advising him in relation to this suffering:

She is happy outside. She is a professional, she is a beautiful girl. She has a thousand qualities. 20 a few days and everyone is out there. Do not increase what you already have. This is already too big, heavy, difficult for everyone. If you raise it too much, you can’t load it. Stop giving up on things without it happening. Do not anticipate”.

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