Boninho announces No Limit list and makes followers angry

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Boninho publishes list of No Limite, ironic and causes hysteria among internet users (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

A video that circulates on the internet is creating a certain rancidity of the web against none other than Nice, the Big Boss of BBB 2021 and responsible for the return of On the edge. A montage made by him is pumping on Instagram, in a kind of fulfilled promise: the list of the survival reality show.

In the video, Big Boss explains that the reality will be formed by two teams: Blue and Red. “It will be like this, we will call some boys and girls, mix everything up to play against the other team!”, points. The names revealed are fictitious, and at the end of the video the message: “April 1”.

The web is disgusted with the attitude of Globo’s director, including Ana Furtado, the boss’s wife: “He showed me when I was already asleep. I woke up just to know who’s going. He even does it to me ”.

Internet users are excited about Boninho’s joke. “Am I a joke to you?”asks one. “I can’t believe it’s already been tricked”demands another. “I came running to see if it was true. I was duped ”, laments a third. “He is very funny, right”, causes one more.

No Limite has its premiere scheduled for May, after the BBB 2021 final. No details are exposed by Globo or Boninho, except the choice of the presenter: André Marques. He is very excited about the news:

“It is a great responsibility, a super invitation, and I am very honored to have been chosen to lead No Limite, because I love what I do so much. I am grateful for the trust and the gift I received. I followed and was a big fan of the program, so I know the size of this challenge. I saw the excitement of the audience with the announcement and I can say that we are equally excited about the new season. And warning: we will have a lot of news ahead ”.

In all, 18 former participants of the Big Brother Brasil seasons will be sent to a deserted beach, probably in Ceará, and will be tested in breathtaking disputes. The reality show will be aired once a week, on Tuesday nights.

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