Rodolffo tells Juliette that Gil and Sarah spoke ill of her

While waiting for the start of the “BBB 2021” (TV Globo) leader test, Juliette and Rodolffo took the opportunity to chat in the living room of the house. The sertanejo told his sister that Gilberto and Sarah spoke ill of her several times to him and Caio.

Rodolffo explained that in the leader’s room he discovered things about his sister that he didn’t know. “Regardless of the subject and the intention that it was passed on, I was a leader and several times we sat there to exchange ideas. And information arrived that I had not seen”, he began.

Juliette asked if he saw it, and the brother confirmed that he did not and continued: “He stayed for a very long period of the program, at least four weeks of the program, of film burning. Doubting his character, doubting his attitudes” Rodolffo also said that the elimination of Sarah can prove who was right in this story.

We had an answer here before yesterday, if you [Juliette] had you done something you would have left.

Rodolffo also explained to his sister that he can’t keep playing with Gilberto knowing that he must speak ill of him too. “I can die with two friends, but I don’t die with eight fake ones,” he said and added that he thinks 60% of Sarah’s fault for having been eliminated belongs to her brother.

However, Juliette defended Gil: “60% a f * ck. I have already seen the opposite, he defending and she doing it. (…) Stop this absolutely true”.

The sertanejo then questioned his sister about Gilberto:

Is not true. But are you going to continue with a person who sits on the fire in you?

After Sarah’s elimination, who deserves to win the program?

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