After 3 months of BBB 2021, Viih Tube never repeated a vote and is discovered

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Viih Tube has attitude discovered by the public of BBB 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

O BBB 2021 already had very smart participants, but apparently everyone loses to Viih Tube. Proof of this is that she voted for eight different people from the beginning and only received one vote.

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On social media, the public surveyed and noted that, on eight walls, she never repeated a vote and half of her targets have already been eliminated from the program.

In the first week, she voted for Arcrebiano. Then it was in Lumena. He got to vote for Projota and, finally, his target was Sarah, the last one eliminated until then. Fiuk, Arthur, Pocah, Gil and Caio were also voted.

Despite this, the only one who voted for her, in the entire program, was Arthur, once, claiming that he was throwing the vote away because he knew she would not be voted on by anyone.

The strategy of youtuber is reverberating and an internet user shot: “This girl has an incredible strategy, I don’t know if she will be a finalist, but she is sure to be one of the last to leave.”

Another person cited the fact that the famous woman was only 20 years old and had just left school: “She just left the third, it is still cool for her how to survive in a school”.

“Four of those she voted for have already left and haven’t voted for her. And 5 who remain have not yet voted for her because they did not find out that she voted for them so they could vote for her as well. What a game ”, another.

It is worth remembering that, this week, Arthur called a warning signal regarding her. Rodolffo said that he had talked to youtuber previously and decided to alert his friend, also thinking about his conflict with Sarah:

Viih still gave me a ‘drain’. ‘You don’t have to look for anyone to talk to, no. The girls all think I’m right”.

In the sequence, Arthur understood that Viih left him aside after his leadership lost its effect, implying that she is self-serving:

It doesn’t really matter to Viih, no, because now that the Leadership is passing, he’s not even looking me in the face. Stay tuned, that is a snake. Stay tuned”.

Despite everything, the sertanejo singer defended the paulista in a specific point of view, in the coexistence of the reality show: “Dude, anyway, is one of the very few people who bought the fight for my side”.

The current leader, however, countered:It is a matter of logic. She has a problem with who you have a problem with. Fight with Juliette. Vote for her. You have a problem with the person he also has a problem with. This, for her, is great”.

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