BBB21: Juliette reveals to Gilberto why she doesn’t want to face him on the wall; watch!

BBB21: Juliette reveals to Gilberto why she doesn’t want to face him on the wall; watch!
BBB21: Juliette reveals to Gilberto why she doesn’t want to face him on the wall; watch!

Between reasons and emotions … the feelings between Gilberto and Juliette are still alive. This Thursday (1st), the two talked on the fourth cord of the “BBB 21”, when the sister explained why she doesn’t want to face him on the wall. She also remembered all the disagreements that both had in the game.

The brothers talked about living together in reality, while Viih Tube and João Luiz followed the conversation. “Everybody will have a fight, even with João I already had a crooked word”, mentioned Juliette. “So everyone has a fight, the problem is not having a fight, the problem is what you do when you are angry”, said the Paraiba.

Juliette said she doesn’t want a wall with Gilberto because she likes her brother. (Photo: Playback / TV Globo)

She also explained that the clashes with Gil were her worst confinement. “My fights with you were horrible. The fights I had with you were the worst I have had here. It was not with Karol, nor with Nego Di, no. There, with Lumena and you. They were the ugliest ones I had in here ”, she added, noting: “Still, I didn’t pull [para o paredão], I did not go around esculhambando, speaking badly ”.

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That’s when the sister justified the reason why she doesn’t want to be on a wall with her former G3 ally: “I didn’t want to face you on the wall. It’s not because I’m afraid of you, it’s because I like you ”. Juliette assumed that she had already “reached the limit” with Gil. “Now the limit, the person does not know how far it goes. Because the person is also irritated. I was already at that level. If I had about three options there, if I didn’t have more, I was able to pull too, just like you were able to veto me ”, pointed out the lawyer. [Vetar] gambling is one thing, voting is another ”he countered.

During the conversation, they also reflected on the elimination of Sarah, when Viih gave his hunch. “I don’t think she left because of Rodolffo, because Rodolffo was also hurt. She got hurt too – at that moment it was her, but last week it was him. I think it was for something else. I think it was because of the reason I already told you, that she was rigid at other times of not wanting to talk and stuff, you know? I can be wrong too ”, said the youtuber.

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Juliette commented on the pain Sarah felt when Rodolffo and Caio voted for her, mentioning that it was she who was in that position the week before. “If he [Rodolffo] voted for me to protect Caio, he would calmly vote for her to protect Caio and to protect himself. Which is what he did. When it happened to me, she never sympathized with my pain. She thought it was well used ”, said the makeup artist.

Juliette regretted Sarah’s lack of empathy when saying why she would have been eliminated. (Photos: Playback / TV Globo)

“Besides, she was teasing me, you too, on that monster day”, pinned Juliette. “There was something else and we already talked”, Gil returned. “If she was aware that I was hurt, she didn’t want to feel what I was feeling, why didn’t she stay quiet?”, evaluated the sister, completing the speech that Sarah should have shown more empathy.

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“I think there was a lack of empathy to put yourself in the shoes of both, and the other. Then, when he went with her, she felt the pain ”, Juliette analyzed. Viih also agreed and complemented the argument. “For the person she had empathy for, who was Rodolffo, she was able to empathize. But not with other people ”, added the influencer. “Not for me [conseguiu] nor by Carla. It was only for Carla after Carla came and made peace with her. ”, concluded the Paraíba, when Tube also cited the case of Thaís.

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