Gil’s unexpected message in the confessional reverberates and the web loves it: “People like us”

gilberto x ray bbb21 0321 1400x800 2

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Gilberto surprised to seize the moment of X-ray in the confessional to send an unexpected message to the mother, Jacira, that the fans of the program thought it was very “people like us” style. The video of BBB21 has gone viral on social media and is getting more and more reactions from bbbmaniacs. Watch it!

Gilberto sends an unexpected message to his mother on the X-ray of BBB

“Good morning, yesterday there was a party, I rested and ended up enjoying it a little, I wasn’t in the mood, but I danced, I still enjoyed it, I’m very different without a beard because I took it off yesterday”, declared the brother when entering the confessional.

Still tired from the night before, Gilberto used the X-ray to clarify that he is still motivated and does not want to leave the BBB anytime soon. “I am excited again, I want to win the leader’s test and I want to stay here, I hope everything goes well, I think if I am not a leader I will go to the wall, but we are there”.

gilberto x ray bbb21 0321 1400x800

gilberto x ray bbb21 0321 1400x800

Playback / Globoplay

After suffering from Sarah’s elimination, Gil apologized to the public. “Sorry people if I did something that upset you, I was suddenly misunderstood, but I’m standing here, I really want to stay, I really want to continue, I have a lot to live in here. I’ve already shown all my sides, you know as I am intense, I live very intensely everything that is happening here “.

The unusual message came at the end. When sending a message to his mother, saying that he loves her, Gilberto took the opportunity to ask for a favor. “Mainha, I love you. Mother, for the mercy of Jesus, see the renewal of my registration, I’m sorry to say that”.

Watch the video:

The record was cut from the official Gshow videos, but ended up going viral on the web, amusing the audience that loves reality. Almost at the same time, Jacira was participating in the “Encounter” with Fátima Bernades.


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