Netflix: check out the streaming releases in April

Netflix: check out the streaming releases in April
Netflix: check out the streaming releases in April

Netflix revealed the list of news for April. There are several new films and series that will arrive on the streaming platform starting this Wednesday (01). Among the series releases, it is worth noting the debut of Sombra e Ossos, Meu Pai and Ouros Vexames and O Paraíso ea Serpente. In the area of ​​films, Thunder Squad, Cowboy Soul and Amor e Monstros are on the list of novelties.

Check out the full list of Netflix below:

Shadow and Bones (day 23)
My Father and Other Shame (day 14)
Paradise and the Serpent (day 2)
Scream, You’re Being Filmed – Season 2 (Day 1)
Luis Miguel: The Series – Season 2 (18th)
The Innocent (day 30)

Thunder Squad (day 9)
Cowboy Soul (day 2)
Love and Monsters (day 14)
Radioactive (dia 15)
Arrest me if you are Capable (day 1 °)
Escape (no date set)
Voices and Figures (no date set)
Lurking for Evil (undefined date)

Documentaries and Specials
My Love: Six True Love Stories (day 13)
The Greatest Art Theft of All Time (Day 7)
Because you killed me? (day 14)
Headspace: Guide to Better Sleep (day 28)
Life in Color with David Attenborough (22nd)
Stories to Wear (Day 1)

Children and family
The Mitchell Family and the Machine Uprising (30th)
Go! Go! Cory Carson – Season 4 (day 27)
Mighty Express – Season 3 (day 13)
Fast and Furious: Asphalt Spies – Season 4 Mexico – (16th)
Family Reunion: Part 3 (day 5)
4 Against the Apocalypse: Happy Apocalypse for You (day 6)
Shrek (no date set)
Shrek 2 (no date set)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (dia 1 °)
Gokushufudou: Tatsu Imortal (dia 8)
Yasuke (dia 29)

Check out the main premieres of Globoplay:
Sandition (dia 2)
Balthazar (day 6)
Cabocla (day 12)
Well Together (day 15)
Wheel of Fire (day 26)
Casa Kalimann (dia 28)
Miraculous – The Adventures of Ladybug – Season 4 (Part 1) (day 30)
The Good Doctor – The Good Doctor – Season 4 (Part 1) (day 30)
The Vaccine Race (undefined date)
A Million Things – A Million Little Things – Season 3 (Part 1)
One Against All – Season 4 (no date set)
Coroner (no date set)
Flesh and Blood: A Crime in the Neighborhood (undefined)
Charmed – New Generation – Season 3 (Part 1) (no date set)
iZombie (no date set)
The Blow of Love (undefined date)

Check out the main debuts of Disney +:
The Kingdom of the Blue Whale (day 2)
Raven’s Visions (day 9)
The King of the Show (day 94)
The Owl House (16th)
Big Shot: Elite Trainer (16th)
The Various Faces of the Earth (16th)
Greta: The Future is Today (16th)
Photo Ark (dia 23)
Raya and the Last Dragon (day 23)
Mind Tricks (30th)
The Tangled Adventures of Rapunzel (day 30)

Check out the main premieres of Amazon Prime below:
Day 1:
If Beale Street Could Talk
The Walking Dead: World Beyond – 1ª Temporada
Double Dragon – Season 1 and 2
Panic on the high seas 2
Deadly Sect
The Mortal Games (2004)
The last witch Hunter
Absence – 2nd season
Wild life

Day 7:

Day 8:
Vacation with Ex: Celebs – Season 2
Silk Road

Day 9:
Others – Season 1

10th day:
Danyka’s: Deep Sea

Day 15:
Breaking News In Yuba County

Day 20:
Together forever

Day 29:

Without Remorse

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