Demi Lovato reveals that she had to act with an actor who raped her in Disney times even after denouncing him: ‘Nothing has been done’

[ALERTA DE GATILHO] Demi Lovato made shocking new revelations about her adolescence and traumatic experiences in an interview with the British newspaper “The Times”. During the chat with the vehicle, released this week, the actress shared that she was raped by an actor she had to act against when she was younger. What a sadness…

According to the artist, the crime happened at the time she was still working for Disney and while she was having an affair with the famous, who was not named. The two participated in the same project at the time and, despite the romantic involvement, Demi stated that she had no plans to have sex with him, as she was still a virgin.

The abuse made a big impact on the actress, who then decided to report the responsible to a woman “Very powerful” in the film industry. “She said, ‘I don’t think he should be in your movie.’ But it ended up being thrown under the rug. Nothing was made”, remembered. Even after the crime, Lovato was forced to work side by side with the perpetrator. How horrible…

The singer added that she only understood the severity of what happened when she became involved with the #MeToo movement, which took over Hollywood in 2018. “I understood: ‘My God, this is what happens all the time in the industry’”, lamented. In addition to the woman, who was also not identified, the young woman told about the rape only to her mother and close friends.

“While undergoing my treatment for my eating disorders, in 2010, I concluded that the reason for the accelerated progress of my disease was a consequence of having kept the rape a secret”, confessed. “When that happened, I was very ashamed. I kept hammering in my head: ‘You are not married, you are not married, you are not married, you are bad’. I spent three years thinking ‘I’m bad, I’m wrong, I’m dirty’. That’s why I ended up hospitalized ”, stated.

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This was not the only sexual abuse suffered by the artist – according to the star, she was also raped by her drug dealer in 2018, the same night she suffered an almost fatal overdose. “What people don’t realize about that night is that I not only overdosed, I was also abused,” she said about it in her new documentary, “Dancing With The Devil”. “When they found me, I was naked. I was blue. I was literally left to die after he took advantage of me ”, revealed.

“I really punished myself for years, which is also why I had a hard time accepting the fact that it was a rape when it happened”, she said in the video. To ‘The Times’, Demi also revealed that she even confronted the abusers, however, her situation only got worse. “It didn’t solve anything. It just made me feel worse ”, vented. Watch the documentary trailer:

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