BBB 2021: Caio and Rodolffo make predictions about the next steps of the game

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Caio and Rodolffo make predictions about the next steps of the game at BBB 2021 (Images: Reproduction – Globoplay / Montage – RD1)

The last elimination of BBB 2021 it is still fresh on the participants’ heads, but there are people who are already thinking about the next wall. That was the case with Caio e Rodolffo, who have already tried to predict the next steps of the game, analyzing the competitors.

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Caio started with a hunch that the pair could be bombed in the next few days: “Now forward, the rocket will come heavy. It will double the beating. Changed the gang whip”. The sertanejo singer tried to be more optimistic, after returning from the hot seat that eliminated Sarah and saved Juliette: “Although, perhaps, it is only in this”.

Looking at it from another point of view, Rodolffo hinted at the names that end up voting for him, on Sunday (4): “A Viih [Tube] and Thaís. They will only join this next one, now. But there is no way, no, you will have to vote for someone”.

The farmer has already thought about counterattacks: “And whether we like it or not, there are two of us, right? We’re going to have to put it together like that. Me, you and ‘the king’ [Arthur]. There’s no way. Not to go [ao paredão]”. The famous person gave his first idea in this sense: “And Pocah. It has several scenarios

Shortly thereafter, in the Fourth Cordel, the brother da Pipoca spoke more about the contestants and saw him and his friend as targets: “Camilla, Thaís… there are a lot of people who are going to leave it up to vote for each other up front. That’s why I’m telling you that, these Walls now, we will be in almost everyone if we are not leaders”.

The Goiano from the Camarote, when resuming the word, made a curious analysis: “Better than having a laugh in front of what I’m risking taking”. Caio recalled that he was only nominated for the false wall and that the other time that he was nominated by the majority of the votes of the house, he was saved in the Bate e Volta Test.

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