Gil’s friend says brother was never himself out of the house

Gilberto has already demonstrated that he has lived his experience at “BBB 21” to the fullest. The Pernambuco man was a monster, leader, starred in fights, lived a brief romance and even made a cover of Britney Spears at his party. But, despite what he shows in the house, outside the economist’s behavior is quite different. In an interview with Gshow, three friends of the brother talked about his life and trajectory outside the home.

Marcílio Lima, Gilberto’s partner when he was a missionary, revealed that his brother was always very different in real life:

At church, he was also always very playful, but he was never himself. He tried to be happy like that and, without a doubt, we had our moments of happiness. He was always a very high-spirited guy, he cared about his companions and the people who were researching the church. He was always a person of great faith, he dreamed of things and this continues today as we can see.

Ediclenio Bernardo, another friend of Gilberto, said that the economist was always very dear to everyone during his missions: “He always strived to give his best and was very respected for his intelligence, coherence, humility, ability and the great love he have in your heart “.

Ediclenio added that, as in the “BBB 21”, Gilberto also had his moments of weakness in the missions, but pointed out that “it was much more joy than anything else”. “I was his leader and I taught him to be a great leader too,” said the brother’s friend.

For Marcílio, Gilberto’s attitude has always been to recognize his mistakes and that brother does not usually lose a battle for pride. “Only those who know Gil closely know the size of his heart and how much of a friend he really is. He may even get lost in the game, but as long as he has the opportunity, he will correct himself by following his heart,” he said.

Raudney, a friend of the economist’s childhood and church, opined that Pernambuco is one of the protagonists of the edition: “He is, without a doubt, the soul of that house and has given us several moments of pure entertainment”.

This morning, Gilberto stated, in a chat with Caio, that he hopes to be a good example of self-acceptance for gay Christians in their participation in the “BBB”. “God keeps talking to me whether I’m a fag or not, whether I reveal myself or not, whether I drink cachaça or not, God doesn’t stop talking to me at all,” said the brother.

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