Check out what arrives in April on Amazon Prime Video

Check out what arrives in April on Amazon Prime Video
Check out what arrives in April on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon announced the new content that will arrive on Prime Video in Brazil in April for subscribers to watch online via streaming or offline via download. Prime members will be able to check out exclusive content like the movie Without Remorse and the second season of reality On Vacation with Ex Brasil: Celebs. Check out the full list:

Titles already available as of today:

One Against All (Season 4)

A public defender is mistakenly arrested when the police mistake him for the most dangerous and well-known drug dealer in the area – the Doctor of Trafficking. To survive in prison, Cadu must pretend to be the real Doctor and act as if he belongs to criminals. Based on a true story.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Young boyfriends Fonny (Stephan James) and Tish (KiKi Layne) are shattered when Fonny is unjustly arrested for the rape of a Puerto Rican woman, due to the maneuvers of a racist police officer. While seeking justice for Fonny, a pregnant Tish depends on help from her Harlem community, including her sister, mother Sharon and her future mother-in-law.

Wild life

Joe (Ed Oxenbould), a Montana teenager in the 1950s, has to deal with his mother’s complicated reaction when his father temporarily leaves her to do a dangerous job fighting a forest fire.

The Walking Dead: A New Universe

Set in Nebraska, the series focuses on the first generation to grow 10 years after the zombie apocalypse. Some of them will be heroes, others will become villains, and everyone will change their lives forever.

April 7


A lonely woman befriends a group of teenagers and decides to let them party at her home. When the kids think their luck couldn’t get any better, things start to happen that make them question the hostess’ intention.

April 8

On Vacation with Ex Brasil: Celebs

Twelve unmarried men and women are going to spend a holiday in a beach house in an idyllic location. However, each week an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend of one of them arrives to join the group.

Silk Road

Ross Ulbricht (Nick Robinson), a philosopher in his early twenties, creates Silk Road, a dark net website that sells drugs, while DEA agent Rick Bowden (Jason Clarke ) disguises itself to bring it down.

April 15

Breaking News In Yuba County

After her husband disappears, Sue Buttons (Allison Janney), a typical suburban wife, has the taste of being a local celebrity when she embarks on a search across the city of Yuba County to find him. In an effort to prolong her newfound fame, she faces hilarious pranks as her world turns upside down, escaping from an aspiring mobster (Awkwafina), a ruthless police officer (Regina Hall), her half sister (Mila Kunis) , a local reporter desperate for a good story, and her husband’s dead brother (Jimmi Simpson), all determined to discover the truth behind the disappearance.

April 20th

Together forever

Ethan (Dennis Quaid) and his young granddaughter CJ (Kathryn Prescott) live on a farm with their dog Bailey. When CJ’s mother decides to take her away, the dog is reincarnated into a puppy and embarks on a journey to accompany the girl.

April 22

Horizon Line

A couple traveling on a small plane to attend a wedding on a tropical island must fight for their lives after their pilot suffers a heart attack. Unaware of how to fly the plane, they both struggle for survival to reach their destination safe and sound.

April 29


Oscar nominee Margot Robbie (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) stars in this love story set in the midst of America’s struggle during the Great Depression. Eugene Evans (played by Finn Cole) dreams of escaping from his small town in Texas when he discovers an escaped wounded bank robber (Margot Robbie). Torn between claiming the reward for his capture and his growing attraction to the criminal, Eugene must make a decision that will forever affect the lives of everyone he loved. Travis Fimmel (Warcraft: The First Encounter of Two Worlds), Kerry Condon (Avengers: Infinity War), Darby Camp (Big Little Lies) and Lola Kirke (Made in America) are also part of the cast.

April 30th

Without Remorse

An elite Navy officer discovers an international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife in Unapologetic, the explosive origin story of the hero John Clark – one of the most popular characters in the Jack Ryan universe, created by author Tom Clancy. When a squad of Russian soldiers kills their family in retaliation for their role in a top-secret operation, Chief John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan) pursues the killers at all costs. Joining forces with a fellow navy officer (Jodie Turner-Smith) and a shadowy CIA agent (Jamie Bell), Kelly’s mission unwittingly exposes a secret conspiracy that threatens to involve the United States and Russia in a major war. Torn between personal honor and loyalty to his country, Kelly must fight without any remorse against his enemies if he wants to avoid disaster and expose the powerful figures behind the conspiracy.

Productions arriving on Prime Video Channels channels in April

Paramount +

April 1st

Manchester by the Sea
Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is a lonely, taciturn and angry man who works as a handyman in an apartment condo in Boston. On a damp winter day, he receives a phone call calling him back to his hometown. The brother died suddenly and he was named guardian of his 16-year-old nephew. Losing your only brother and dealing with doubts about how to raise a teenager would be more than enough, but his return to the past reopens an indescribable tragedy.

Explosive Double
The best bodyguard in the world has a new client, a hired killer who must testify before the International Criminal Court. They must put aside their differences and work together to arrive at the trial in time.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Peter Parker (Tom Holland) balances his life as a normal student with his superhero, Spider-Man, but he will find a trail of a new threat that hovers over the skies of New York City.

April 15

A Quiet Place
Two parents do whatever it takes to keep their children safe in a world full of creatures that hunt through the sounds they can hear. The family, hidden in silence, cannot make any noise, but any sound is enough for things to go wrong.


April 25th

The Embarcadero

Alejandra (Verónica Sanchéz) is a renowned architect who is devastated by her husband’s suicide. After discovering that he has led a double life with another woman for years, Alejandra tries to appease the pain by approaching her under another identity to find out why her husband lived a lie and what really happened on the fateful night of his death.

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