IRS investigates William Bonner and 20 more employees of TV Globo

posted on 01/04/2021 16:33

(credit: TV Globo / Reproduction)

In a new chapter, the mega-operation of the Federal Revenue that investigates alleged irregularities in professional contracts of members of Brazilian TV, now investigates TV Globo. The IRS accuses professionals of the collusion station to reduce the payment of taxes and to evade the tax authorities through the so-called ‘pejotização’. The information is from Folha de S.Paulo. According to the newspaper, the anchor and editor-in-chief of the ‘Jornal Nacional’, William Bonner, received a millionaire and retroactive notice.

In addition to Bonner, the newspaper found that at least 20 other anchors, journalists, artists and former professionals of the station have already received fines from the tax authorities.

According to the IRS, instead of being hired with a formal contract, these professionals opted for an agreement with Globo through their personal companies. In theory, this gives them the freedom to have other activities.

The maneuver, according to the investigation, is actually done to reduce rates and evade taxes. Instead of paying 27.5% of earnings on Globo, these professionals pay 15% of the total plus 10% of what exceeds R $ 20 thousand per month.


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