Cristina Ferreira lost “8 kilos in 5 months”. This was the secret

Cristina Ferreira lost “8 kilos in 5 months”. This was the secret
Cristina Ferreira lost “8 kilos in 5 months”. This was the secret
Cristina Ferreira this Thursday reserved part of her new TVI afternoon program, ‘Cristina ComVida’, to publicly reveal the secrets of her fitness.

The presenter, who has been visibly thinner in recent months, received the nutritionist who has been accompanying her for more than 10 years, Iara Rodrigues, to help explain what has changed in her life in recent months.

After “trying everything”, Cristina found the best way to be able to lose weight and stay balanced.

The presenter attributed her weight loss to the move to TVI, to the fact that she is happy and to the “bubble of love” in which she now lives, but particularly to the fact that she has started to do intermittent fasting.

“I ate and went to bed and I think the body didn’t have time to digest food,” he says, explaining that he always went to bed very early.

Cristina Ferreira’s new diet

Cristina does not give up breakfast, which is almost always rye bread, ham and fruit.

Lunch is made without any restrictions and sometimes even with some sweets for dessert.

Finally, the big secret: Cristina Ferreira has her last meal of the day at 6 pm. It is a high-quality snack that makes you feel full until bedtime. “The body gets used to the amount of food you give it”, he explains.

Between 6:00 pm and 9:00 am, when Cristina returns to breakfast, the presenter makes an intermittent fast.

TVI’s new face habits were implemented five months ago and have already made her lose eight kilos.

I lost eight kilos without a clue in five months“, he says, confessing that he weighed himself in Dubai and only then did he learn that he had reached 60 kilos.

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