BBB 2021: Management did not allow Tiago Leifert to talk about Covid-19 on Sarah’s departure

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Sarah in conversation with Tiago Leifert after being eliminated from BBB 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

One of the most commented moments in the edition that marked the elimination of Sarah do BBB 2021 was the conversation between her and Tiago Leifert. The presenter cited the participant’s first “flawless” weeks, spoke about Lucas Penteado and Karol Conká, but did not mention the Brazilian’s disdain about the pandemic.

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After Sarah left, the only mention on the subject happened almost 12 hours later, at breakfast with Ana Maria Braga, live, at Mais Você. The presenter commented on the statements and in response to the former participant apologized.

One of Gilberto’s friend’s comments was as follows: “I can speak? I didn’t get Covid because God loves me ”. In the morning, the digital marketing consultant said: “The only thing to do is: apologize. Apologies to all the victims, to the families. When I entered, things were looking up ”.

“The parties I went to were all regulated. I didn’t go to parties that weren’t approved by the government or anything, they were all regulated. It doesn’t take away my mistake. I can only apologize ”he commented.

The lack of a comment by Tiago Leifert was explained by Globo’s press office. In response to UOL journalist Maurício Stycer, the channel recalled that Tiago talked about the subject in a meeting with everyone in the room, live. He also recalled that the same was mentioned in last year’s edition, at the beginning of the pandemic.

“The approach taken at the end of the program is defined by the direction of the reality. And, as mentioned in the article, on March 23, the program alerted participants and the public about the current moment of the pandemic, just as it did in the last edition ”, highlighted Globo.

Leifert talked about the second wave of Covid-19 in the country after Sarah’s statements at the house. “The second wave was really heavy. If you think it has improved, that you will get out of there and everything will be fine, this is not the case. We are still in the middle of the pandemic. I know you look at the parties, the exams, and you think everything is fine, but it’s not okay ”, warned.

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