“Hell’s Kitchen” competitors open a 6-seat restaurant

Hell’s Table: “Hell’s Kitchen” competitors open a 6-seat restaurant

The concept is yet to debut as soon as the pandemic leaves, but reservations can now be made.

The three competitors became partners.

The first edition of “Hell’s Kitchen” in Portugal, with chef Ljubomir Stanisic, is already starting to generate its first businesses. The program still only had three episodes, but it is certain that, outside the recordings, three competitors opened an exclusive restaurant in Vila Verde, Braga. It only has a capacity for six people.

It’s called Hell’s Table, a clear reference to the program, and it’s still not working. Since the beginning of March it has an Instagram page and reservations can be made from there. The restaurant will receive its first customers as soon as the restrictions caused by the pandemic allow.

Lucas Fernandes, António Pedro and Diogo Filipe are the three competitors responsible for this project ready to debut. They became friends during the program and decided to go ahead with this business together, although some have already launched it individually.

For example, Lucas Fernandes owns two companies in the meat sector, Finesseleague with mature proposals; and Vintage Sequence, which breeds Wagyu and Mangalitsa pigs. Lucas was the contestant who in the most recent episode of the show made the best egg presented to Ljubomir Stanisic. He grew up in Germany and worked in several five-star hotels, such as Steigenberger or Brenners Park.

António Pedro is one of the youngest contestants in the program. He was in Norway, where he worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants. He came to Portugal to participate in “Hell’s Kitchen” and to fulfill his dream of opening his own project.

The third member of this group is Diogo Filipe, from Barreiro. He won the Revolta do Bacalhau contest in 2008 and has worked on several projects, such as the Ritz.

At Hell’s Table all service will be done at one table. The dishes will bring together the influences of the three chefs. The decoration was also thought out in detail and it is already possible to see through the photos on the project’s Instagram page.

The restaurant only has one table and seats six.


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