TVI questions reliability of audience measurement

In second place for 26 consecutive months, the TVI questions the reliability of the hearings measured by the GfK/CAEM. In statements to the newspaper Sunrise, the private channel points out discrepancies between the numbers recorded by the cable operators, unaudited, as well as the impact on social networks, and the results obtained by the official measurement.

Cristina’s programs cause doubt

The two programs presented by Cristina Ferreira, All Together Now e Cristina ComVida, are the main targets of the suspicion pointed out by the station. “We have effectively detected this discrepancy. In which programs of ours, such as All Together Now, or the premiere this Monday of the program Cristina ComVida, which had enormous prominence on different digital platforms, without a possible comparison with the direct competing programs, and then we verify that such data have no correspondence with the audience levels referred to“, Stresses the channel in declarations to the publication.

In declarations to the same publication, the TVI questions the size of the sample, which covers 1100 houses in Portugal, comparing it with the data collected by the operators’ boxes, present in almost 90% of national homes: “It is an issue that deserves a deep analysis and reflection. The ideal for the market is the existence of a panel that is as reliable and as comprehensive as possible“. When contacted by EF, the Queluz station confirmed that “the report of the Sun is correct”And underlined to maintain these statements regarding the measurement system.

The president of the Media Analysis and Studies Commission (CAEM), Fernando Cruz, stresses that the currently existing sample is “representative of the population” is that “the need to increase the sample”Can arise when you want to“greater segmentation of the data, in order to maintain, in this case, a number of cases that guarantee representativeness“.

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TVI points out that there can be no “a significant difference between the results of that representative panel and the concrete quantitative data of a much wider universe of users“, Stressing that in this case we would be facing“a distortion“And that this would not guarantee”the market with the necessary, accurate and credible information“.

A FALL, responsible for ensuring the measurement contracted GfK Portugal, is an association that represents the entire sector, consisting of agencies, advertisers and television channels. THE TVI is also associated with this entity, together with the main Portuguese channels, such as the RTP1, a SIC, or even the group Fox, and also cable television operators, such as MEO it’s at US. The contract with GfK was renewed earlier this year, after an international tender.

A GfK guarantees the measurement of audiences in Portugal since 2012. Between 2012 and 2018, TVI has always been an annual leader, having given way to SIC in February 2019.

SIC does not comment on controversy

A SIC, contacted by EF, refers all clarifications to the FALL and makes no comment on the competitor’s statements. On the television channel, the market leader for more than two years, there is a feeling of “perplexity”After the doubts raised by Four, which did not vote against the renewal of the hearing measurement contract with the company currently responsible. THE RTP, for its part, remained silent on the topic.

António Salvador, from GfK Portugal, explains to the weekly that he has no doubt that this is “a good sample“, Although I do not deny that“the more robust the better“, Explaining that when it is necessary to do“analyzes segmented by gender, region, age group… the more precise these analyzes want to be, the greater the risk is taken because the sample is less robust“.

The number of homes included in the panel is defined by CAEM, he explains. “We did not assume that it should be so. Anyway, I must say, the numbers are not very different from countries with similar dimensions to ours“, Says the head of the meter, citing Belgium as an example. In the country, with a million more inhabitants than Portugal, the existing panel is of 1500 houses. 750 in the French speaking part and 750 in the Dutch speaking part.

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How is the measurement of audiences done in Portugal?

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