“Cristina ComVida”. Cristina Ferreira lost 8 kilos and reveals diet secrets – Television

This Thursday, April 1, the home of “Cristina ComVida” received several special guests, among them Joana Barrios, nutritionist Iara Rodrigues, Iva Domingues, Nuno Eiró or Santiago Lagoá. Cristina Ferreira also revealed the secret to her fitness, which has been highly praised not only on social media but also for the faces she receives on the program.

The presenter explained that she lost 8 kilos in the last 6 months and that intermittent fasting is the key to feeling good about herself. “All bodies are different. The body did not have time to digest food”, he started by saying, mentioning that he always went to bed early and digestion was not done in the best way.

The presenter also explains how her food is during the day. “For breakfast as fruit and a slice of rye bread with ham. Barbecue lunch, rice, a dessert, among other things. Then, at 6 pm, I have a snack, which is my last meal “, he revealed, adding that his body has become accustomed to the small amount of food.

Nutritionist Iara Rodrigues explained that the food provided by TVI’s director of entertainment and fiction “was already excellent”, but Cristina still did not seem to be satisfied. Therefore, this was the diet that best suited his life, in which he remains fasting from 6 pm and only starts eating again at 8 am the next day.

Bumba na Pipoca, a character created by Eduardo Madeira, resident comedian of “Cristina ComVida”, returned to the conversation with the communicator. The character spoke about the aubergine diet “where everything is eaten except aubergine”, in an issue that was marked by the revelation of the secret to Cristina’s physical fitness.

This was the fourth time that Cristina Ferreira opened the doors of her new home. “Cristina ComVida” is on the antenna of the Queluz de Baixo station from Monday to Friday but, this Saturday afternoon, the doors of the house reopen for a special broadcast that will last until the beginning of the night.

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