Ruben Rua reveals the best and worst of working with Cristina Ferreira

Ruben Rua was on Wednesday night talking to Rodrigo Gomes and Daniel Fontoura on ‘Wi-Fi’, from RFM, and answered the sharp questions of ‘Cara Podre’.

Taking into account the presenter’s close relationship with Ruben Rua, the animators of the RFM wanted to know: “The best and worst of working with Cristina Ferreira”.

“The best thing is that you are working with the best. Cristina is for me the best professional in this area, television. She is by far the person who most understands, who knows best how to make television and the best presenter”, starts by praising Ruben Rua .

As for the worst, Ruben does not hesitate to confess: “The worst part is also this, you create a rhythm and a requirement that is difficult. Cristina is a person who thinks very fast and, sometimes, not having this ability to read the things so quickly it makes it not easy “.
It is important to remember that Ruben Rua and Cristina Ferreira are long-time friends and have repeatedly responded negatively to rumors that they would have a romantic involvement.

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