Susana Vieira receives 2nd dose of vaccine against covid-19

At 78 years of age, Susana Vieira today received the second dose of the vaccine against covid-19. In an interview with GloboNews, she celebrated the immunization, and said:

Whoever denies the vaccine does not deserve to live. People are dying because they haven’t been able to get the vaccine yet, that’s the truth. So you have to be thankful if you were able to get the vaccine. Susana Vieira in an interview with GloboNews

The actress thanked the health professionals who work in the vaccination, and asked viewers to follow the vaccination and social isolation guidelines.

Susana Vieira said that taking the second dose of the vaccine left her “full of joy”:

I stepped here and my soul was already filled with joy, feeling that I will still live a little. I was thinking that we were going to die. So many people are dead, so much suffering. And I’m alive, and walking, and healthy. Thank you very much for today!

She concluded by saying that she has already contacted Globo to make herself available to work on the station’s productions. And he recommended: “Anyway, the only way out is this, the vaccine. Please don’t forget that you have to take two doses”.

Check out other celebrities who are also immunized:


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