“I was queen and lady of the mornings at SIC” and other controversial phrases by Cristina

Some hate it. Others admire it. Whether Cristina Ferreira is on SIC or TVI, the truth is that there is no day when the director of entertainment and fiction on the Queluz channel is not talked about. However, 2021 will not be running according to the most ambitious goals that the Portuguese set for him.

After the controversial change between rival channels, it was Cristina Ferreira’s responsibility to prove that she would be able to win the war of audiences. Attempts have not been lacking – but the numbers have yet to prove the expected success. In the last three months, TVI continues to lose to SIC and the director seems to be in the middle of the storm, with increasingly controversial and inflammatory phrases.

After “Dia de Cristina” and “All Together Now”, his big bet debuted on March 29th. “Cristina ComVida” should be the right shot in the competition. However, on the third day, audiences continue to drop and the overtaking of SIC continues to be a mirage.

The past few weeks have also been marked by strong positions and phrases in the interviews he has been giving in the press. And no target remained unscathed: from SIC’s management to the critics, everyone responded.

“If I wanted to, I was still there [na SIC]. I was queen and lady of the mornings. ”

The strong phrase comes at a time when the dispute with SIC enters a more complicated phase. With a lawsuit brought by the channel over the exit – Cristina Ferreira is accused of unilaterally breaking the contract – the past at the rival station does not seem to be left behind for good.

In an interview, he does not deviate from the issue or his controversial decision. “Have people realized that if I wanted to, I would still be there?”, He said in the interview with Manuel Luís Goucha. “It would be all right, I would be queen and lady of the morning of SIC, in my program, everything right, everything perfect.”

Along the way, he left a message: “I will not fail to do anything in my life because others demand me. I am not a slave to anything (…) these are my choices. ”

“If I have to pay, I will pay.”

The arrival of the case in the courts dates back to 2020 but it is very much alive and the director of entertainment and fiction at TVI made this very clear.

“I didn’t do anything I couldn’t have done. Is there a contract? There is. There are items in this contract that allow us, because, if we did not have items that allow us to leave in some way, we would live in slavery ”, he shot in the same interview.

Regarding the potential compensation that may be ordered to be paid to the former employer, it is perpetual: “If I have to pay, I will pay. I know the consequences. I get sad. The people I worked with on the other side know what I gave to the other side, they know what I contributed. ”

Despite recognizing that he was “very happy” at SIC, he admits that TVI’s invitation was a dream opportunity that he “wanted” to seize. “Why do I have to be convicted of this?”

From those responsible for his old channel, the hurt was left in the way it was treated. “I wish they had done it in another way: ‘Is there anything we can do? Thank you, we know how important you were to us, we are very sorry that you left. Let’s look here at what we have clauses on, let’s stick to them and good luck. We want to continue to win ‘. ”

“This need to kill me hurts”

There is no day that Cristina Ferreira is not a topic of conversation: holidays, boyfriends, rumors, statements, in short. The celebrity status does this – and so does the demand for exposure – although that does not mean that the criticism will pass without leaving a mark.

“I have days that I think are sad, that’s all. I have days that I feel sorry for, ”he said of the constant comments made about him on television and on social networks.

“It hurts me this need to kill myself. And when I say kill, it’s killing. There is a clear, notorious intention, there is no critical honesty in this country. ”

“I really like to win with what is mine”

Despite confessing that she would have liked to have seen other behavior by those responsible for SIC regarding her departure, Cristina Ferreira also does not withdraw and leaves some criticism. In conversation about the new program, he inevitably spoke of the project he left in the middle of the old channel, “O Programa de Cristina”.

The morning program, after his departure, was reformulated and won a new pair of presenters. The studio has remained, like many other aspects of its dynamics. “It’s still a little bit of what I left there,” he countered.

The director of entertainment and fiction at TVI implied that she disapproved of the option. “If you ask me ‘if you were a director, you would do the same’, I say I don’t know. I really like to win with what is mine. ”

“I needed the money from SIC and RTP to do what I wanted”

The shocking and controversial change has placed him in many unexpected obstacles. In addition to being angry with SIC on the judicial front and, just as or more importantly, the need to prove its worth on TVI – and help the channel to overcome its rival. However, until now, this has still happened.

Despite the attempts, TVI has remained behind SIC in the hearings. In an interview with “Jornal de Notícias”, he justified himself with the lack of budget, which would have to be much higher than the real one, at least to be able to make the grid in his image.

“We are talking about a private company that has to comply with a budget. Leadership is the goal of any season that wants to be profitable. We, as a new administration, want to organize the house and this does not always allow us to have the grid we idealized. There are zones with programs that are not premieres, there are others in which we would like to have another program. It is the ideal grid for us to be dreaming about the goals we have to fulfill. ”

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