Tori Spelling: – Full of confusion after this

Actress Tori Spelling (47) has never been afraid to make headlines. Over the years, the “Beverly Hills 90210” star has been responsible for one scandal after another – whether it has been about infidelity, inheritance disputes or financial problems.

Now Spelling gets attention once again, albeit because of something completely different. On Thursday, she shared a photo on Instagram with her 1.5 million followers – where she keeps a close eye on what apparently looks like a pregnant belly.

– They called me a frog

«No. 6 »Spelling has written in the post.

The 47-year-old has five children with her husband Dean McDermott (54), and now several are wondering if a sixth child is on the way. What makes people doubt whether the pregnancy is real, is of course that it is April 1 today.

April Fool’s Day?

In the comments section, there are several who wonder if the whole thing is simply a good, old-fashioned April Fool’s joke.

“Wait. Is this real? ” is there a user wondering.

“This must be an April Fool’s joke,” writes another.

“Terrible if this is a joke,” comments a third.

The death sparked years of bitter inheritance strife

Several in the comments field think it is “tone deaf and disrespectful” of the 47-year-old to joke that she is expecting a child – in that many other women struggle to get pregnant in the first place.

“Tori, I thought that almost everyone knew that it is insensitive to joke that you are pregnant,” writes one user, before another follows up:

“I really do not hope this is an April Fool’s joke. Every year, women must be reminded that it is not fun to joke about being pregnant, and it is a big trigger for those who struggle to make it happen.

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In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

Neither Spelling nor her husband have commented after the post on Instagram was shared, so whether the 47-year-old is pregnant or not is not yet good to say.

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Open about bullying

However, if it turns out that Spelling is pregnant again, it will be her sixth child in a row. The actor has the five children Liam (14), Stella (12), Hattie (9), Finn (8) and Beau (4) with Dean McDermott.

The children have been on a conveyor belt since 2007. McDermott also has a son Jack (22) from a previous relationship.

Ever since they got married in 2006, Spelling and McDermott have made a number of headlines as a couple, both in terms of their own finances, infidelity rumors and family quarrels.

The star couple was taken on the peach by their son

Their children have almost grown up in the spotlight, and although it may seem to them that they live a glamorous life with the actor’s parents, the reality seems to be something completely different.

Last year, Spelling shared a long post on Instagram where she wrote that several of the children have been badly bullied over the years.

“My two firstborns. They have been through so much bullying that I can no longer sit still in the boat and not express myself “, she initially wrote to a picture of Liam and Stella as children.

PUBLIC FAMILY: Tori Spelling and her husband with their five children. Photo: NTB
PUBLIC FAMILY: Tori Spelling and her husband with their five children. Photo: NTB
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– The injury had occurred

The star wrote that as a child, her now twelve-year-old daughter was nothing more than an innocent little creature who gave unconditional love, was honest, curious and kind.

“Her beautiful heart was full of hope. From her last year in primary school to her first year in secondary school, this person has had to deal with enough bullying for life, “she wrote.

The couple moved their daughter to a school that had kindness and kindness as a priority, and here it is said that action has been taken.

– Has dealt with enough bullying for life

“This time she was bullied so hard, about both her weight and sexual things she knew nothing about. This school still did the right thing and expelled the boy, but the damage had already happened “, she pointed out.

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Spelling said that the daughter now associates schooling and education with boys who have been ugly towards her, and that she is not the same as she once was.

“She has a panic attack and does not want to go back to school. This is the same girl who two years ago told me that she wanted to become president or work daily to empower women “, Spelling continued.

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