The Mortal Games: the 5 most brutal and bloody pitfalls of the Jigsaw franchise – Cinema News

The Mortal Games: the 5 most brutal and bloody pitfalls of the Jigsaw franchise – Cinema News
The Mortal Games: the 5 most brutal and bloody pitfalls of the Jigsaw franchise – Cinema News

The Mortal Games franchise will get a new movie soon and is full of sadistic games that bring very sinister and violent traps.

Deadly Games is one of the longest and most loved franchises by horror movie fans. Even though the narrative is often dubious, the franchise yielded several moments that made us lose sleep, especially with the deadly and creative traps – which are the trademark of these productions.

Spiral – The Legacy of Mortal Games will be the new film in the saga and promises to break some traditions in the franchise. With that, AdoroCinema separated a list of the most frightening, violent and unpredictable pitfalls in the Mortal Games films that arose from the mind of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), one of the most remarkable serial killers in horror cinema.

Attention, the article presents spoilers of scenes from the films of the Mortal Games franchise!

Syringe-filled hole (Mortal Games 2)

Mortal Games 2 features one of the most agonizing scenes in the entire franchise – and probably in the history of cinema. Amanda (Shawnee Smith) was supposed to be just a puppet in the game, but that changes dramatically when Xavier (Franky G.) throws her into a hole full of syringes used to fetch a key to open the door.

With that, she ends up being cut off at all times when she is digging through the hole, getting more and more disgusted and desperate. Still, they get the key but don’t use it within the allotted time. Crazy, isn’t it? See the scene:

The killer car (Mortal Games – The Final)

Former lead singer of the band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, was a huge fan of the Mortal Games franchise and was invited to make a cameo in Mortal Games – The Final – which couldn’t be more bloody.

With his bare back glued to the driver’s seat of a raised car, his character has 30 seconds to loosen up and pull a lever next to the windshield, or a sequence of events would kill his girlfriend and friends. The result could not be otherwise: four horrible deaths, with a friend having his face ripped off, his girlfriend with a face crushed by the car’s tire, another friend being hit by the car and, obviously, the driver thrown through the windshield – after having all the skin on your back ripped off. See the disgusting scene:

Trap of lack of communication (Mortal Games IV)

In Mortal Games IV, two men are handcuffed to each other by the necks and chained to a large metal contraption with a squeak that will spin and strangle them if they don’t escape. To break free, they need a key attached to the handcuffs.

The big problem is the lack of communication between them, after all, the eyes of one of them and the mouth of the other are stitched, which makes them fight for life. Check out:

Roulette with shotgun (Mortal Games VI)

In Mortal Games VI we have one of the most sadistic traps set up to test the psychological of William Easton (Peter Outerbridge), an executive who has to decide which of his employees is going to die with a shotgun shot so that he himself can survive.

The four employees are spinning on a merry-go-round until William makes his brutal decision and brutally kills one of them. Check out the terrifying scene:

Angel’s Trap (Mortal Games 3)

Detective Allison Kerry (Dina Meyer) had a longer history than most good guys in the Mortal Games franchise, but she also suffered one of the most disgusting endings in Mortal Games 3. She gets trapped in the angel trap – suspended in the air and equipped with a metal fang attached to your ribs.

To break free, she needs to reach into a container full of acid to pick up a key within a minute before the trap is triggered and opens her chest – which ends up happening. See the brutal moment:

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