Emmy winner’s body found buried in trash – Famous

Evelyn Sakash found dead at her home (photo: Editing / Reproduction)

Last Tuesday (3/30), after spending about seven months missing, the body of the scenario designer Evelyn Sakash he was found buried in the trash piled up in his kitchen. The artist was 66 years old.

Missing since September last year, the body was found by her sister, who traveled from another state to find Sakash. The designer was considered an accumulator by her friends, who thought that her disappearance was related to quarantine.

Evelyn he died at age 66 after suffering from arteriosclerosis, an accumulation of fat in the arteries. Before the body was found, the designer’s friends even made a kitty online to hire private investigators to find out what had happened to her.

In 2003, Evelyn Sakash won a Daytime Emmy for his work in Between the lions. She was also art director for My me a mermaid (1990), with Cher.

“devastating. She had a full life. She was extremely talented. She had a brilliant mind … I don’t want my sister to be remembered that way, the way she was found,” she said. Ellen Brown to the website Daily News.

A neighbor said, “She became much more of a recluse and was looking sick. I think it was when she started gathering a lot at home. I went into her house a few years ago and everything was normal.” The designer is said to have “gone into decay” after her mother’s death in April 2020, according to acquaintances.

The artist also kept pets at home, rescued by the police, who had made at least two visits to the site in the past few months with sniffer dogs, to no avail.


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