BBB21: Pocah makes an important warning to Rodolffo about homophobic speeches, and brother declares: “In the countryside there is still a lot of information”; watch

The “BBB 21” parties always yield important conversations between brothers and sisters… That morning (1st), Rodolffo vented to Pocah about recent events that made him the target of votes by the house. Weeks ago, the sertanejo provoked Fiuk for wearing dresses and was strongly criticized by the public. Afflicted by the negative repercussions, the Goiano apologized for the macho and homophobic speech, claiming to be “very suckling”.

The matter returned to the surface and the Israeli duo asked the funkeira for patience and help in his deconstruction process. “I understand why I know a lot of people, I have family members who also have a hard time understanding the current era. I live with people like that, it’s very difficult ”, commented the sister. “You can’t scold, you need to teach intelligently”, argued the musician.

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That’s it. I can’t shove it down my throat, I’m not like that. Unless the person lacks respect, come with the intention of hurting or hurting someone, which I see is intentional, you know? Then I arm myself, I don’t even want to know. I become an animal ”replied Pocah. “And you’re right”, agreed Rodolffo. The singer took the opportunity to make an alert about the danger that homophobia represents in our country.

“When I told you that Brazil is the country that kills the most LGBT people in the world, it is because I have already lost many friends, there are delicate stories to talk about”, he regretted, mentioning the situation with Fiuk, afterwards. “So, clothes don’t define gender, men wear a dress… I wear men’s clothes”she pinned. “These are things that we learn. One day I learned and you learned now. I can’t believe it was meant to hurt. Sometimes it was a lack of information ”, further evaluated.

The conversation continued and Pocah suggested that his colleague be more and more informed, so that he could pass on the new knowledge to the fans. “Your audience, I believe you have a lot of people from the countryside, right? Who identifies with you ”, she mentioned. “It’s another ride”, returned the brother. “Now, imagine you learn, seek to learn about, it’s not for you to embrace causes. It is a matter of heart, to be able to pass on to these people who have no information. Nobody did that, I never saw it ”, advised the carioca.

The Goiano then revealed that he lives with sexist, racist and homophobic people. “I have a lot of friends from the city that I grew up with. If you go for a walk where you have five friends of mine, for example, who have never lived in a capital, who still live in the countryside, at the same age as mine … You leave there vomiting. Of machismo, of racism, of homophobia. I’m serious”, confessed.

According to him, people who live in inland cities would not have access to such information. “Inland, there is still a lot of information. People need to have a lot of patience to teach the people in the countryside and the people who are coming. I am serious about this. Really. I have already overcome many things of racism, homophobia and machismo that are embedded in my friends, because they are still living in the countryside and have less information than the people who are living in a capital and running ”he ended. Watch:

Understand the case

Rodolffo’s comment was made weeks ago (20), moments before the party started. The brothers and sisters changed in the bedroom, when the countryman played with the look sent to Fiuk by the production. “Oh there, they sent a dress to Fiuk”, he commented, being immediately scolded by Fábio Jr.’s son “Don’t make fun of me that I like a dress, huh ?! I wear a real dress, so don’t play with that ”, warned the actor. Afterwards, the former Malhação mentioned persecution on the part of his colleague. “Make fun of my hair, make fun of my clothes …”, complained.

“What did I make fun of? You who understood zoation. I didn’t make fun, no ”, claimed the Israel pair. “So I got it wrong”, mocked Fiuk, as he left the room. Minutes later, the sertanejo persisted in talking about the subject: “How do you take this boy in a dress at nightclubs in Goiânia, huh, Sarah?”. “You can take it… The men there are all rough”, replied the sister, who took an inverted hit from Gilberto. “There is a chance to make them change”, argued the Pernambuco.

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