Prince William: – – Struggling to stay

Prince brothers William (38) and Harry (36) have been hit hard lately. The once good sibling relationship between the two is today filled with distance, rumors and icy conversations.

After the latter prince chose to retire from his royal duties last year with Duchess Meghan (39) and her son Archie (1), the relationship has reportedly been anything but good.

– Now they will meet

Especially after the sensational interview the Herug couple of Sussex did with Oprah Winfrey (67) earlier this month, there is no doubt that the brothers, who once stood very close to each other, are further apart than ever.

In the mentioned interview, a number of revelations were made, which has led to Prince William today struggling to remain silent.

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– Struggling to hold back

In the mentioned interview, Harry and Meghan took a hard line against the British royal house, where they claimed, among other things, that there was racism among the royals.

As a result, the 38-year-old today has great difficulty retaining his own thoughts and opinions – as royals are known to do.

– The Queen insists that the royals handle this privately. The queen believes that answering will only add fuel to the fire and make the situation worse, says a source to US Weekly.

– Will miss it forever

The Duke of Cambridge, however, would rather he could defend the royal family by speaking in public. Now he has remained silent for so long that he is supposedly bursting.

– William struggles to hold back. He would like to get his side of the case out in public.

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Can get angry

The source further claims that William basically wants to share his side of the story to protect his wife, Duchess Kate (38), against the accusations from Duchess Meghan that she made her cry.

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It is no secret that Prince William is protective of his wife, whom he has been married to since 2011. This was stated by Penny Junor, a respected cinematographer of both prince brothers, to People.

Protects Kate

– William is very protective when it comes to Kate and can get very angry, said Junor, and continued:

– And that Meghan talks about Kate in a negative way, is worse than that he is attacked himself.

Meghan has previously been accused of making Kate start crying ahead of the former’s wedding, but during the interview, the 39-year-old hit back hard, believing that it was actually the opposite that happened.

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In the interview, Meghan also revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge later apologized and gave her flowers. It is not known if it is these details about the wife that can make William angry.

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