BBB21: Sarah calls Caio sly and stupid in program

BBB21: Sarah calls Caio sly and stupid in program
BBB21: Sarah calls Caio sly and stupid in program
Whenever a participant is eliminated from Big Brother Brasil, he goes through a “circuit” of programs and interviews, saying goodbye with style of attraction.

One of these programs is BBB: A Eliminação, shown on Wednesday nights at Multishow with a presentation by Bruno de Luca and Vivian Amorim.

It was no different from Sarah, who was eliminated from the show on Tuesday (30) to Wednesday (31), who answered some questions from fans.

One of the followers wanted to know if the marketing consultant noticed now if Caio would be the great manipulator and underhand of the edition.

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“I’m not even going to say that he is a manipulator, because to be a manipulator he has to be very intelligent and I think he is very stupid”, she said, very sincere.

“So he is underhanded, that’s what he is, he is not a manipulator. Manipulator there are other people there that I think it is at the moment ”.

Of course, when it comes to Caio, Rodolffo would not end up being left out of the ex-sister’s speech: “He even joked that he was Madame’s puppy, which was inside Madame’s purse. He just left Wal’s bag and went to Rodolffo’s bag. That’s what happened ”.

“He introduced rancidity. Wow, rancid of both! ”Concluded Sarah about the BBB21 bastion duo.

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‘I’m recovering’, says Sarah after leaving reality

After being eliminated from BBB21, Sarah Andrade follows the protocols of the commitments after leaving the confinement and on Thursday (1st), she took a quick pass through Stories on Instagram to chat with her more than 7 million followers.

With the running routine, she asked the internet users for a little patience, said she will try to answer as many people as she can and was relieved to have slept and rested a little more since Tuesday (30), when she said goodbye to the confinement .

“Guys, good morning. For the first time since I left the program, I managed to sleep a little bit more. I’m recovering, I managed to sleep for about five hours that night. I’m here, a little more relieved,” she said. “I’m sorry I’m not paying attention, it’s just that I’m running around a lot, I’m not able to rest,” she explained.

The blonde also said that she would enjoy the day with her mother, Maria Abadia, and meet with the team to see the repercussions of her participation in the BBB.

“Now that I’m going to have breakfast, eat something, try to get together with the people I love. My mom came here, thank God, everything is fine with her. I’ll be with her, my team, for a while try to understand what’s happening, because I haven’t seen much, “she said.

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