“I don’t have enough knowledge to have access to the castings”

Pclass Marcelo was invited by Maria Botelho Moniz and Cláudio Ramos in the program ‘Dois às 10’ this Thursday, April 1st, for a conversation that did not escape the passion of her life: representation. Away from the small screen for some time, the artist spoke openly about the desire to return.

“Television gives us stability [financeira] that the theater doesn’t, “he said, confessing that he misses doing television.

“But I don’t have enough knowledge to have access to the castings”, he lamented.

Due to the consequent crisis of Covid-19, the actress is in a delicate situation, like the majority of the artistic class, but said that she is not afraid to “start over from scratch” in another area. “I have not yet started another activity because they are all closed. I cannot live on the theater alone. I am not afraid of anything, I have been behind the counters”, he stressed.

Asked if she liked to have a business of her own, the actress denied it. Paula Marcelo confessed that because she took care of her ex-partner, Camilo de Oliveira, she missed the opportunity to enjoy life. Currently married to Jorge Lopes, she wants a professional occupation that does not rob her of quality time.

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