Gilberto wants to serve as an example of faith for gay Christians

During the night, Gilberto talked to Caio on the fourth string of “BBB 21” and vented his desire to be a good example for gay Christians who watch the program, with his self-acceptance regarding his sexual orientation, his religious life and your sincere and intense way of being:

I know that there are many people who, thank God, look at me, at my crazy way, my madness inside. I am sincere, I speak, I pass the point, I come back, I cry, I am extremely crazy and intense, you know. But, there are people who live in these churches suffering, there is a place that has a very high suicide rate among young gay men in the church because it is very complicated.

I want, for the love of God, to reach them the ‘Big Brother’, that they see that I won a car because I said a prayer in the middle of the break, God showed me the number and I got it right, so they understand that God keep talking to me whether I am a fag or not, whether I reveal myself or not, whether I drink cachaça or not, God does not stop talking to me at all. Gilberto

The economist continued and stated that if he can help someone accept himself, participating in the reality will already be worth it:

“God is not going to stop talking to them at all. If they understand that, if someone sends me a message on my Instagram saying: ‘Gil, you are a kid, but I identified with you and today I can be who I am without being afraid, I can go to church, be who I am and I don’t care who to talk about me, but I don’t need to stop going to church, I don’t need to stop being who I am to worship God, I I can worship God and be who I am, and thanks to you I was able to have that courage ‘, for me, my beloved, Big Brother was already worth it, I already have one and a half million. Gilberto

Caio, who listened attentively to his brother, commented: “God knows people’s hearts”.

In the same conversation, Gil also stated that he will turn around after the elimination of Sarah, his best friend in the confinement, and that he is no longer afraid.

After Sarah’s elimination, who deserves to win the program?

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Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


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Globo / João Cotta

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