Bernardo de Assis recalls threats he suffered on the web: ‘It was horrible’

Bernardo de Assis recalls threats he suffered on the web: ‘It was horrible’
Bernardo de Assis recalls threats he suffered on the web: ‘It was horrible’
Bernardo de Assis, who plays Catatau in the soap opera “Salve-se Quem Puder” (Globo), has had a good repercussion on his work in the plot. He, who is a trans man, stressed the importance of representativeness in works on television.

“Many people talk about the importance of trans representativeness on TV and thank me. Others comment that they live with trans people and did not know how to deal with the situation properly, but that they are learning. This makes me very happy,” said the actor, who started the process of sexual reassignment in 2016, in an interview for Patrícia Kogut’s column in “O Globo”.

However, Bernardo also said that he had already received threats and hate speech: “There was a day, for example, when an interview was published with me in a newspaper, in which I talked about my trajectory. At the time, I spent the morning and afternoon recording and I didn’t even look at my cell phone. At night, when I opened my Instagram, there were a series of aggressive messages, some talking about religious issues and threatening me with death. It was horrible “, he lamented.

The situation did not take away the hope of the actor. “I really want to change the world. And I think the fact that I’m on TV is an important step for that. I see people who don’t have information about transsexuality, but who are going after it and looking for knowledge. There are also a lot of people cis and heterosexuals willing to become allies of the LGBTQIA + cause “, he explained.

Bernardo recalled that many relatives and friends left him when he assumed he was a transsexual, and with the showing of his work in the soap opera, some of them decided to look for him. “When I started my transition, many close people did not understand and were not open to trying to understand. These people ended up moving away. With the novel, I received messages from many of them. With some, I talked and I am rebuilding the friendship”, he celebrated.

Work in the pandemic

The period of social isolation did not prevent Bernardo from investing in new projects. In the last few months, he directed his first documentary, “Bhoreal”, which tells the story of the drag queen Gervásia Bhoreal, which carries out social projects with homeless people in São Paulo. The work was recently selected for the Pajubá Festival.

“Gervásia does these social activities on the streets all assembled. It is very interesting to see her reaction and her relationship with the people she welcomed. The project was born as an exercise in the Audiotransvisual course, an initiative by filmmaker André da Costa Pinto, who offered training online and free to 30 trans students during the period of social isolation. It was an incredible experience, “he said.

Despite being on the air with the soap opera, Bernardo’s contract with Globo ended in December, as soon as the recordings ended. According to him, his free time started to be dedicated to the development of scripts and also to the production of a play, in addition to maintaining other professional and personal dreams.

“My great desire at this moment is to be able to have my own space. I am very jumping from place to place. Currently, I am living with my sister and my brother-in-law, because she is pregnant. I am giving support. But I have been in nursing homes. host, in a situation of vulnerability “recalled.

Finally, the actor said he had the desire to remove the uterus and ovaries – the breasts were already removed in 2018. “Certainly, something I think about a lot, despite not being a priority in my life,” he said.

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