Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry:

When Duchess Meghan (39) and Prince Harry (36) sat down with interview queen Oprah Winfrey (67) earlier this month, several people threw themselves over the revelations – which came like pearls on a string.

Both fans, press and critics were ecstatic about the news that came, and several details attracted a lot of attention. Among other things, the duke couple claimed that they got married in a private ceremony already three days before the official wedding in Windsor in May 2018.

Admits bluff

In retrospect, a number of British priests reacted to the statement. They believed that the secret wedding never happened. This led to a spokesperson for the duke couple having to correct the statement.

Now even the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who married the couple, has thrown himself into the debate, denying that it all happened.

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Private conversations

As mentioned, the news created headaches for several priests, who questioned whether the information was correct or not. One even went so far as to contact the archbishop’s office for clarity.

The priests mentioned demanded not only clarity in the Duchess’ statement, but also a separate statement from the Archbishop himself. So now he has come on the field.

Full confusion around secret wedding

In an interview with La Repubblica, he says that it was the official wedding in Windsor that was the real deal.

– If any of you ever talk to a pastor, you expect them to keep that conversation confidential. It does not matter who I talk to. I had a number of private and priestly conversations with the Duke and Duchess before the wedding, says the Archbishop, and continues:

SMASK: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex got married in Windsor in 2018. It also turns out that it was the only wedding they had. Photo: Ben Stansall / AFP / NTB
SMASK: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were married in Windsor in 2018. It also turns out that it was the only wedding they had. Photo: Ben Stansall / AFP / NTB
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– The legal wedding was on Saturday. I signed the marriage certificate, which is a legal document, and I would have committed a serious offense if I had signed it knowing it was false.

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The archbishop adds that he does not want to say anything about what happened or what was said during the other meetings.

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– Personal promises

– You know, we got married three days before our wedding. Nobody knows. The marriage vows we have made in our room are just the two of us in our garden, along with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Duchess Meghan said in an interview with Oprah.

A spokesman for the ducal couple confirmed as mentioned that the secret wedding never took place. The spokesperson said that “the couple exchanged personal vows a few days before their official / legal wedding on 19 May”.

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According to Page Six and Daily Beast, such an exchange of personal vows, in a backyard, does not constitute a legal marriage.

The fact that the secret wedding took place was also denied by The Sun, which has gained access to the couple’s marriage certificate. The certificate is issued by the Secretary – General’s Office, and published by the newspaper.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is the supreme leader of the Church of England, the official church in England. The monarch, Queen Elizabeth (94), is its supreme head.

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