BBB21: Caio alleges that Gilberto was masturbating and reveals plan to catch brother in the jump

He makes his tchaki tchaki! This Thursday morning (1), after Arthur’s Leader Party, Caio claimed to have seen a suspicious movement in Gilberto’s comforter, stating that his brother was masturbating in the Fourth Cord. The farmer soon tried to pass the gossip on and make jokes about the situation.

The Goiano whispered to Thaís and Rodolffo to have seen movements in the economist’s bed, and he also lamented that João entered the room just in time, waking up Gil and calling him to do the X-ray. Caio said he planned to pull the duvet from Pernambuco to show what was happening, according to information from UOL.

The two brothers who heard the story laughed, and then the countryman passed on the gossip to Pocah. “Caio said that Gil was under the cover ‘playing one’“, He said. Rodolffo also repeated Caio’s plan to “unmask” his brother. “Imagine the scare“, Joked the singer.

Caio woke up earlier than the other brothers after the party and took the opportunity to catch up on the gossip. (Photo: Playback / TV Globo)

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Rancid “macholândia”

Caio’s plan could cause great discomfort in the house, since Gilberto made it clear that he was rancid with the men in the reality show. In a conversation on Wednesday (31), the economist and João criticized the “macholândia” of the program and said they were fed up with the brothers, especially Rodolffo.

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I can’t take ‘macholândia’ any longer ”, complained the teacher. “Me neither. Arthur I really like it, Caio I can even have [uma boa relação], but the other is ‘rancid’“, Agreed Gil, referring to the countryman. “I’m very rancid!“, Added João.

I’m glad he didn’t come to me yesterday, if yesterday he made a joke…“, The economist said, recalling Sarah’s dramatic elimination. At that moment, Camilla de Lucas approached and asked what the subject was. “We were saying that, depending on who wins the angel, the fags go to the monster“Replied João.“I hope it’s a very colorful monster“, Joked Gil.

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The Pernambucan also revealed his support for the geography teacher. “If there’s a queue here that I think can make it to the final, it’s you. I trust a lot. Truly friend. I do not accept this final without a fag. Me, I’m like that, right? You already know. But you have more emotional control, all your attitudes were very correct, consistent“, Evaluated the economist.

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