Archbishop dressed up as Elvis Presley at the secret wedding Meghan and Harry – on the boil

Harry e Meghan they wanted a moment dedicated only to the two before they went up to the altar on March 19, 2018. So, they ended up organizing an intimate ceremony of exchange of love vows with the blessing of the archbishop. Contrary to what the Oprah Winfrey, it was a symbolic moment and not an official wedding, a situation already clarified by the Archbishop of de Canterbury. On the day that they swore vows of love away from the media spotlight, the archbishop Justin Welby, who was the same one who married them, appeared dressed as Elvis Presley, one of the singers most cherished by the Duchess, where he played and sang some songs. The images that prove the situation have now been released by ‘The Sun’.

For almost three years, they managed to keep this special moment a secret, but after the interview with the American presenter images and reports of the exchange of vows surfaced. A palace attendant, who attended the moment, remembers what she saw. “It was a beautiful moment, but also a little bizarre, I think. I stayed close and managed to hear each other exchanging vows, as in a serious wedding. Meghan promised to love and honor Harry. And Harry vowed to obey. “”Meghan and Harry were in normal clothes, but standing close to each other, while the archbishop was in full church attire and was talking quietly to them. There was no one around.”

, recalls the maid who no longer works at the Palace.At the end of the blessing of the exchange of vows, Justin Welby made the moment more special and surprised the couple. The archbishop changed his official robe and became Elvis Presley. The singer’s themes like “I Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “Love Me Tender”, “It’s Now Or Never” and “Suspicious Minds” were the songs played by the archbishop.


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