Ex-BBB Kerline surprises and puts Lucas Penteado against the wall in live

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Ex-BBB Kerline puts Lucas Penteado against the wall (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Carla diaz held a live to follow the wall formation of the BBB 2021 of the last Sunday (28) and invited the ex-BBBs Arcrebiano, Lucas Penteado and Kerline to join her. In one of the moments the first eliminated from the program took the opportunity to corner Lucas Penteado.

The young woman said she has been ignored by her ex-brother on social media. Initially, Kerline thanked for the meeting promoted by Carla and also assured that he had made a joint effort to drop her off at the most watched house in Brazil.

“My little girl, you have no idea how much of a task force I did for you, woman”, declared the former BBB.

Then, Arcrebiano, the second eliminated from the edition, was the third to enter the live. “What’s up, Dona Carlinha, hi Ker”said the model. “Bil, I miss your coffee“, Said Carla Diaz, who also revealed that it was the model that taught her how to make coffee.

In the sequence, Kerline drew attention to the presence of Lucas in the comments of the live and asked the actress to put the actor in the broadcast.

Penteado, who gave up the BBB 2021, joined the trio, after Carine’s interpreter of A Força do Querer called a fan by mistake.

“So, family, how are you, my people? Jeez, what a bombastic live ”, said the Globo contractor who, upon entering the live, greeted Carla, Arcrebiano and ignored Kerline. The model said she has been snubbed by the actor on social media and charged.

“Do you want to say something to Lucas?”, asked the artist and Kerline then fired, with good humor: “Porr *, finally, huh dude! Just so you can answer me! I call you on Instagram, I send you direct and you don’t answer me, what is it? What’s up?”.

“I didn’t see that there! Did you call? ”said Lucas. “Yes, you saw it, you saw it and you didn’t answer”, countered Kerline. “No, but look, this phone here is WhatsApp, I’m not having time. It’s the biggest rush ”, explained the former Malhação.

The model then suggested a solution for the group to keep in touch: “Then we will do the following, we will create a group of the four of us on WhatsApp and will be putting people who are leaving, understand? Dude, after you left, after Bil left, the crowd made me crazy: ‘When are you going to see Bil? When are you going to see Lucas? You already talked to Lucas’. I said: ‘Man, I think Lucas doesn’t want to see me, he doesn’t answer anything’ ”.

“No, so, what happens, I’m going to make a movie with Netflix, I’m already studying the character, Carlinha is connected as it is, I don’t have time. Other than that, I still have my productions. But look, the staff came to comment ”, replied Lucas.

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