Caio says Gil was masturbating on the fourth string

On the post-party morning of the leader at “BBB 21” (TV Globo), while the brothers waited for the x-ray, Caio told Rodolffo and Thaís that he saw Gilberto masturbating on the fourth string. Whispering, the farmer said he saw movements in the economist’s comforter.

Caio regretted that João entered the room and called Gil to perform the x-ray, as he had plans to pull the brother’s duvet to show that he had seen it.

Rodolffo and Thaís laughed at the story. A few minutes later, Pocah arrived to do the x-ray and the country singer went over the gossip:

“Caio said that Gil was under the cover ‘playing one’,” said the Goiano, imitating the gesture with his hand.

Rodolffo repeated the part that João called Gil for the x-ray and Pocah laughed: “Imagine the scare”, the funkeira joked.

Remember all the brothers and sisters eliminated from the ‘BBB 21’

1 / 10

1st eliminated: Kerline

After facing Sarah and Rodolffo, Kerline was eliminated with 83.50% of the vote.

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BBB 21: Lucas abandoned the global reality - Reproduction / Globoplay

2 / 10

Lucas abandoned the program

After a series of fights and disagreements within the program, Lucas Penteado went to the confessional and abandoned reality.

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BBB 21: It was the second eliminated from BBB - Reproduction / Globoplay

3 / 10

2nd eliminated: Arcrebian

Facing Gilberto and Juliette, Bil was eliminated with 64.89% of the votes.

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BBB 21: It was the third eliminated from BBB - Reproduction / Globoplay

4 / 10

3º removed: Nego Di

After facing Fiuk and Sarah, Nego Di broke the hitherto record of rejection, receiving 98.76% of the vote.

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BBB 21: Karol Conká was the fourth eliminated - Reproduction / Globoplay

5 / 10

4th eliminated: Karol Conká

Karol Conká was eliminated with 99.17% of the votes, and broke the record for rejection of the program. She went to the wall with Arthur and Gilberto.

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BBB 21: Lumena was the fifth eliminated - Reproduction / Globoplay

6 / 10

5th Eliminated: Lumena

Lumena went to the spotlight with the duo Arthur and Projota and was eliminated with 61.31% of the votes.

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BBB 21: Carla Diaz is eliminated in false wall - Reproduction / Globoplay

7 / 10

False seawall does not count ….

Arthur, Caio, Carla Diaz, João Luiz formed the first quadruple wall of the edition. With 62.40% of the votes, Carla was eliminated on the false wall and had some privileges before returning home.

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BBB 21: Projota was the sixth eliminated - Reproduction / Globoplay

8 / 10

6th eliminated: Projota

Pocah, Projota and Thais went to the sixth wall of BBB 2021. The singer received 91.89% of the vote and was eliminated.

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BBB 21: Carla Diaz was the seventh eliminated - Reproduction / Globoplay

9 / 10

7th eliminated: Carla Diaz

It was not a false wall. This time, Carla Diaz was really eliminated. In a strong wall with Rodolffo, Carla received 44.96% of the votes. Fiuk was supporting in the hot seat.

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BBB 21: Sarah is the eighth eliminated from BBB - Reproduction / Globoplay

10 / 10

8th eliminated: Sarah

After facing Juliette and Rodolffo, Sarah left the “BBB 21” with 76.76% of the votes.

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Who is the most hated participant in the “BBB 21” house?

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Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


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