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Diogo Carmona launches your book ‘Against All Odds’, on April 7th. The actor will recall the controversies that have marked his life, including the fact that he was allegedly stolen by his mother, Patrícia Carmona, and that his leg was amputated after being hit by a train. In the publication, the 23-year-old is hard on his mother, as he treats her during the book, where he accuses her of wanting to ruin his life. “I was accused of domestic violence and the subject of precautionary measures, in an evil orchestrated plan to make me look bad “, wrote.

However, the past is already forgotten and mother and son have already made up. In an interview with ‘TV 7 Dias’, Diogo said that he made peace with Patricia and who intend to forget the controversies. “I was at home, I had an anxiety attack and I thought I had to call her. It was a kind of eureka. She came to me”, said the young man. The mother reports to the publication that upon receiving her son’s call, “shaking, scared, because I didn’t know what he wanted”. The main reason for reconciliation was longing. Mother and son had been apart for about five years. “These are difficult times for everyone. I am a bit of a lonely person. Sometimes I close myself in my bubble and my mother’s company was good at that, but I am still lonely”, he confesses. The actor guarantees that maturity was essential for reconciliation. “Now I have more head than I had, I am more responsible, more adult than a year or two ago, so I think everything is fine now and that is what matters”. Patrícia Carmona is happy to be well with her son and guarantees that it was a long-awaited ending. “On the one hand, there were times when I thought it wasn’t going to happen, but deep down I knew it was a matter of time, until Diogo became aware that it was important to make peace, because we liked each other very much”.

Despite the controversial statements by Diogo in his book, the actor claims to have been good at resolving his past. “It was therapeutic. I think that after writing the book, I feel more like myself and it was really good on a personal and psychological level”, affirms. Patrícia knows that in “Against All Odds” there will be a lot about you, but she still doesn’t know if she wants to read the book. “I’m going to buy it, it’s going to be on my nightstand, but when am I going to read it? I haven’t made that decision yet. I want to enjoy the good things I’m living with Diogo”.


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