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After 17 years linked to L’Agence and five years after joining We Can Fly, Vanessa Martins is now venturing into the launch of her own digital agency. It is called Frederica Agency and continues the ecosystem that the digital influencer has created around its brand Frederica – which already has a magazine and several fashion collections.

Through the new bet, Vanessa Martins gains total control over her business and, in addition, creates the roots for a space where other influencers can get help in managing their digital careers. At your side at Frederica Agency you will have Diogo Correia, publicist and digital account that will ensure the commercial management of the agency.

«This idea came to me as a necessity», confesses Vanessa Martins. In an interview with Marketeer, he explains that the multiplicity of projects at hand at the moment was not in line with what an external agency could offer: “It did not correspond to my expectations and needs that I face daily.”

About the Frederica Agency, Vanessa Martins says that the objective is to work on the proposals of the brands in order to guarantee the greatest possible return. «I know what brands are looking for when looking to promote their products on digital and I know the best way to do it.»

Follow the conversation in full and find out what Vanessa Martins plans for the agency, namely the possibility of expanding the work beyond digital:

How long have you been working in the digital world? How has this evolution been?

I have been working professionally on digital for about eight years. I started with the creation of a blog, an unknown territory in Portugal at the time, which later evolved into a lifestyle platform with an integrated online store. Instagram was also something that I knew early on that had potential and where I invested a lot of my time, working with brands that believed in me and helped me create the brand that I am today. It has been a great experience to work in an area that is constantly evolving and growing.

What motivated the creation of an agency in its own name?

This idea came to me as a necessity. Right now I have a lot of projects on hand like the magazine, the website, my own brand and myself as a brand. It was complicated to make a consolidated management of all these projects … And being in an external agency did not correspond to my expectations and needs that I face daily. Having a 360º business and all the know-how I created over the years, in which I always represented myself and never leaving this job to an agency, I thought it was time to move on. And here is the Frederica Agency, as an extension of the Frederica project.

How is the Frederica Agency going to stand out in the market?

Frederica Agency was born with the aim of providing a brand strategy service with integrated communications. The objective is to work on the proposals of the brands giving the greatest possible return, creating joint strategies in a win win sense for both parties. What sets Frederica Agency apart from the others I think will be my input as a digital influencer and brand … I know what brands look for when looking for promotion of their products on digital and I know the best way to do it.

What services will be provided?

Frederica Agency will make direct contact with customers in order to raise business for its agents. In this contact, our role will be to develop the best strategies with the client so that each job is communicated in an organic and effective way, thus resulting in a positive return for the client. The submission of proposals will be based on the characteristics and digital language of each influencer, respecting the communication line thought by the client for the brand in question, thus creating a coherent image between the brand and the respective influencer. This work focuses on digital but may expand to other areas of advertising.

How is the team formed?

Frederica has a fixed team of six people throughout the project, who help each other. The main person in charge of the agency is Diogo Correia, publicist and digital account, someone who has worked with me for four years and who sees digital in a very similar way to mine.

Who will be the first agents?

Right now, our focus is on working with the Frederica and Vanessa Martins brand. We are not managing anyone, we only work with some figures on time when there are more comprehensive proposals that justify the participation of more influencers in the action. The Frederica project does not aim to have a large board of agents because we know that afterwards we will not be able to dedicate the necessary time to them, something that is essential in this field. It doesn’t make sense to have influencers just for having it, we work with them when it makes sense and we feel that we can help them make their digital even stronger.

In the case of Vanessa, will anything change?

I, as a brand, start to have total control of my digital, working directly with the brands, not using intermediaries. This way I can concentrate all the clients with whom I have worked over the years and have a more direct and personalized contact with each one.

What are the objectives for the agency for this year?

Leverage the Frederica project and work with great brands that make us grow and learn, as it is a medium that is constantly changing and practically daily transformation.

And what are the expansion plans?

Right now, thinking about expansion plans is still early. For now we want to increase our database and amplify our business volume. The future we will see …

Will you remain connected in any way to L’Agence or We Can Fly?

My connection with L’Agence and We Can Fly has ended. These were very important years of growth and learning, but the time has come to take risks and fly alone. I will be forever grateful to these two teams for all these years.

After the online store and the agency, what areas of business are left to explore?

In fact, I don’t even know, my creativity and willingness to take risks have no limits, so anything can happen. Frederica has only just started and is already a project that makes me very happy. There are many segments that I haven’t explored yet but I already have some ideas to work on and I can say that Frederica will continue to surprise and innovate … As it has done until now.

Text by Filipa Almeida


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