BBB21: Sarah speaks about a story that would have barred Pocah from her home in Los Angeles, and detonates Caio: ‘Very stupid and underhanded’; watch

Think of a story that gave a cloth to the manga? Well, that was the case with all that hoopla involving Sarah, Pocah and a trip to Los Angeles. For those who do not remember, even in the first days of confinement of the “BBB 21”, the funkeira revealed that she already knew the Brasiliense from other times, and also mentioned a disagreement between them …

According to Pocah, the marketing consultant, who lived abroad for years, would have refused to receive her at her home in the city of angels, because she did not know who it was – and that would justify their lack of affinity within the reality. This Wednesday (31), the blonde participated in the program “A Eliminação” and clarified the rumors that it would have barred the artist from staying at her residence.

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“I didn’t really know who Pocah was, I had lived abroad for years. When I was told about Pocah, I didn’t know who it was, only that I spoke jokingly! When she showed me the songs, then I connected Pocah with the songs, because I had already listened to some of her songs ”, he declared. At the time the case had repercussions, a friend of Sarah defended her sister and took the blame for the misunderstanding.

“There was actually a call from her sister-in-law to me and a friend of ours who lived in the apartment, saying that Pocah was going there and wanted us to help Pocah there, go out with her, because she didn’t know anyone, and who, perhaps, would stay at our house. He died. The call ended there. The other day, she called again and said ‘she doesn’t need to be there anymore, but she assists her’. That was what happened. We didn’t even see each other. There was going to be a connection that she would stay longer, but ended up staying only a few hours and it didn’t happen ”, he added.

Sarah says she regrets doubting Juliette

While on the show, Sarah answered questions from fans. One of them wanted to know how she felt when she saw, from outside, that Juliette always defended her, even when the blonde doubted Paraiba’s intentions. “Guys, I was in a moment there that whatever she did I would think it was a game. It is no secret to anyone, the whole of Brazil was watching. I heard her words because I thought they were really good for me, but it was that little antenna connected. ‘Is this a game, is this real?’ I didn’t know to what extent it was real or not ”, he explained.

The presenter Bruno de Luca then asked if now, the Brasiliense woman did not feel pain in her heart and regret her distrust. “Actually, it’s cutting my heart. Because I can see that I judged Juliette because there were other people doing things to me that I had no idea. This is cutting my heart so much, because it is very crazy for us to think that I was killing there for other people, that I thought they were with me from the beginning, if not, and she really was. And I was suspicious of her ”, vented the blonde.

The marketing consultant also said that she wants to talk to Juliette after the program is over, but first, she wants to understand everything that happened: “I want to analyze everything, see where I went wrong, the lines I missed, because I want to understand everything exactly, so I can apologize. See where I went wrong, if I also went wrong with other people and not only with Juliette. I want to understand everything ”.

The swoops with Caio and Rodolffo

It is not news to anyone that Sarah left the reality very hurt with Rodolffo and Caio, a pair that ended up voting for Brasiliense during the formation of the last wall. The nominations took the sister by surprise, who would never have imagined such behavior coming from the supposed allies. She even congratulated Gilberto for putting the countryman in the hot seat, when he was the leader

“Now I’m going to congratulate Gil because he got it right. Caio for what I’m seeing here … Sir! There’s nothing to explain about the boy. Oh, people, they told me so much, I saw some conversations about him that I said ‘people, that rancid’. He put rancidity in place ”, shot. “Were you disappointed then with the bastions?”, questioned Vivian Amorim. “Wow, he put in rancidity of the two, real. Sorry if I’m wrong again, if I’m judging, but I’m really (rancid), said the interviewee.

And the blonde spared no spit on Caio! “I won’t even say that he is a manipulator, because to be a manipulator he has to be very intelligent and I think he is very stupid. So he is underhanded, that he is, he is not manipulative, no. Manipulator there are other people there that I think they are at the moment ”, pinned. “He even joked that he was Madame’s puppy, which was inside Madame’s little bag. He just came out of Waléria’s bag (Caio’s wife) and went to Rodolffo’s purse. Just what happened ”, shot.

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