Gossip in the house involves actors, singers and sportsmen

If there was one thing that happened on “BBB 21” (TV Globo), it was gossip. In addition to the various, he told me, among the brothers of that edition, they also escaped some gossip from the universe of the famous people out here. Throughout the reality show, there has been a lot of flirtation and even a history of betrayal!

Are you curious? Check out the main gossip counted in “BBB 21”:

Thiago Rodrigues

Juliette revealed that she already stayed with Thiago Rodrigues at a carnival

Image: Raquel Cunha / TV Globo

The warmest gossip in the house was provided by Juliette, who was not even famous before the “BBB”. Paraiba revealed that he stayed with Thiago Rodrigues at a carnival.

What the confined does not know is that outside of reality, the actor declared he was rooted for her and even sent a kiss. #ChamanaDM

But wait … Cris Dias, Thiago’s ex-wife, sent a message to his sister: run!

Gabriel Medina

Rodolffo told a gossip about Gabriel Medina - Marcos Ferreira / Brazil News - Marcos Ferreira / Brazil News

Gabriel Medina

Image: Marcos Ferreira / Brazil News

They say that women are gossipy, but in the “BBB”, Rodolffo is a beautiful supplier of gossip. During a party, the sertanejo confided to Arthur that he witnessed a betrayal by surfer Gabriel Medina.

He ate the most delicious in the dressing room. He skipped the fence.

Maiara and Maraisa

The brother also revealed a confusion with the duo Maiara and Maraisa due to a song.

The sertanejo said that he recorded a video of a song and the composers of the twin sisters checked if they wanted to record it. The singers ended up leaving the song to Rodolffo. But after the video was posted, the song went viral.

It was then that Maiara and Maraisa went back and wanted to record the new hit. But the repercussion was so great that the audience no longer sent the song to him and the sisters would have been irritated. #WL

Maiara e Maraisa - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram

Maiara and Maraisa

Image: Playback / Instagram

And it was not only once that the country sisters were the subject of “BBB 21”. Fiuk also told his gossip. Apparently, Maiara and her fiance, Fernando (from the duo with Sorocaba), tried to “push” Fábio Jr.’s son to Maraisa.

(…) They kept putting a pile for me to stay with Maraisa. They called through Facetime and it was a hassle. Just laugh.

Outside the house, the couple said that the one who was interested was Fiuk:

“We were hitting it, right? He said he wanted to … Let him out of the house. He wanted to,” said Maiara.

“Safado, let him out,” added Fernando.

The long list of who wants Fiuk (according to himself)

BBB 21: Fiuk said that Demi Lovato, Harry Styles and Selena Gomez have already hit on him - Reproduction - Reproduction

BBB 21: Fiuk said that Demi Lovato, Harry Styles and Selena Gomez have already hit on him

Image: Reproduction

And to tell you the truth, we’ve lost count of all the times that Fiuk has told stories about being xavecado. The list of international celebrities is long: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and even Harry Styles.

According to the actor, one of the members of the boy band One Direction has already hit on him. Fiuk did not want to reveal who, but the brother posted a photo with Harry Styles in 2014, when the band came to Brazil.

I’m not going to deliver it, but there were some xaveco mad at me. Too bad I don’t like it [de homem], because I really wanted to like it so I could get involved with them, with the band … And that’s when I say: ‘Why don’t I like it? What a bag. I wanted to kiss them.

BBB 21: Fiuk and Harry Styles - Instagram Play - Instagram Play

BBB 21: Fiuk and Harry Styles in a photo published on his brother’s Instagram in 2014

Image: Instagram reproduction

On another occasion, Fiuk said he just didn’t stay with Selena Gomez because he was dating.

The same situation would have happened with Demi Lovato.

I interviewed Demi Lovato on a program that I had. She saved me live, man. (…) I was dating. I said: ‘sing a song here’ and she said: ‘if you want, at the hotel, I’ll sing for you’ “.

At the time, the actor was dating Sophia Abrahão and that is why the romance with Demi would not have gone ahead.

But several fans unmasked Fiuk when they found the video of the singer’s participation and show that it was not so much ..

See the before and after of the ‘survivors’ of the ‘BBB 21’ after 2 months

BBB 21: Before and after Arthur - Reproduction / Globoplay

1 / 11

Before and after Arthur

After more than 2 months of BBB 2021, the crossfite maker remains practically the same. The only significant change in Arthur was the growth of his hair – which Juliette cut.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Caio - Playback / Globoplay

2 / 11

Before and after Caio at BBB

The farmer has changed a lot throughout the reality, being very notable the weight loss over the two months of BBB 2021.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Camilla de Lucas - Reproduction / Globoplay

3 / 11

Before and after Camilla

The influencer starred in one of the biggest changes in the look of reality. Camilla, who came in with her hair completely braided, removed her braids and is now using her laces (wig with internal screen that simulates the scalp).

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Fiuk - Playback / Globoplay

4 / 11

Before and after Fiuk at BBB

It doesn’t look like it, but the photos above are more than 2 months apart. Not to say that Fiuk has not changed anything, it is possible to notice a slight growth in the singer’s hair length.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Gilberto - Playback / Globoplay

5 / 11

Before and after Gil at BBB21

After the recent departure of friend Sarah, Gil decided to change the look. The economist, who spent the entire beard season, chose to remove it and appeared quite different.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after João Luiz - Reproduction / Globoplay

6 / 11

Before and after João at BBB

João is another who hasn’t changed practically anything in the two months of BBB 2021.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Juliette Freire - Reproduction / Globoplay

7 / 11

Before and after Juliette

In addition to the longer hair, Juliette did not change much during BBB 2021.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Pocah - Playback / Globoplay

8 / 11

Before and after Pocah

Despite not having changed much, Pocah stopped using the colored contact lenses that he did not put off at the beginning of BBB 2021. Internet users pointed out the excessive use and prolonged use of the lenses for many times. Mysteriously, the singer stopped using. Now, she displays her eyes in their natural color.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Rodolffo - Reproduction / Globoplay

9 / 11

Before and after Rodolffo

The sertanejo singer also did not express much change, but now he has a slightly less trimmed beard than at the beginning of BBB 2021.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Thaís - Playback / Globoplay

10 / 11

Before and after Thaís

Like Arthur, João, Fiuk and Juliette, Thaís joins the team that has not changed at BBB 2021.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Before and after Viih Tube - Reproduction / Globoplay

11 / 11

Before and after Viih at BBB

Viih Tube also hasn’t changed much, but it is possible to notice how much the dark root of the influencer, who wears blonde hair, grew in these two months of BBB 2021.

Playback / Globoplay

After Sarah’s elimination, who deserves to win the program?

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