Actor Tonico Pereira says he is addicted to sex

Actor Tonico Pereira says he is addicted to sex
Actor Tonico Pereira says he is addicted to sex

Tonico Pereira now thinks twice before making a joke. Famous for his verbiage without a break, the actor has been confronted by his 15-year-old daughter Nina. A staunch feminist, she doesn’t admit to certain behaviors that she identifies in her 72-year-old father (“Nina has been teaching me how to regenerate from machismo”, she says).

While taking a reality check, Tonico accesses the memories of the time when his mother encouraged his bravery in street fights and forbade him to cry. Born in Campos dos Goytacazes in a poor family, he started working at the age of 8. He sold mariola and screws, cleaned, worked as a fishmonger and smuggled plane for imported watches and perfume launchers.

The experience of the actor, who has not decorated text and used an electronic dot for 15 years, will be told in the documentary “Toniquices do Pereira”, directed by Lucas Rossi (“I am very torn, and this can sometimes shock”, he says, about the content of the film).

The actor, who recorded his participation in “Um lugar ao sol”, a soap opera that will follow “Amor de mãe”, is reserved for the next plot by João Emanuel Carneiro. After overcoming health problems (he had diverticulitis two months ago and pneumonia) and vaccinated against Covid-19, he regrets the death from coronavirus of his ex-wife, who had cancer (“I prefer to die than the people next to me, no I have more tears “).

In the following conversation, Tonico remembers the past of sex, drugs and rock and roll and says that his biggest mistakes were with the women with whom he had relationships (“I apologize to everyone”). It also reveals that, at the age of 72, the libido is in full swing (“maybe sex is one of my strongest addictions”). Owner of a thrift store, he also talks about the life of a merchant (“I’ve gone bankrupt about eight times”).

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