Juliette borrowed clothes from friends for reality

Washington Feitosa, Juliette Freire’s brother – confined to the “BBB 21” (Globo) – revealed that he talked to her before she joined the program and gave her advice on what to do with the R $ 1.5 million prize if he wins the program. He also said that his sister borrowed clothes to participate in the reality show.

“What she said to me before being confined is that it would help everyone. Her mother has delicate surgery to do on her heart, even. My advice was: ‘What you are going to do first is help yourself, structure yourself, do your nest egg. Then you can help whoever you want ‘, “he said in an interview for Patrícia Kogut’s column, in” O Globo “. I don’t know if she agreed with me, because she was very tense. But I think she understood what I meant “, he added.

He also told about how Juliette chose the clothes she took to spend the three months of confinement on the reality show: “She, since she was a little girl, always liked good clothes. Before the financial difficulties she went through in the pandemic, she already had beautiful clothes. After the interview (to enter the program), he reached out to friends who have better conditions and asked to borrow pieces “, he revealed.

Washington said it believes that despite Juliette’s huge success on social media (17.5 million followers are already on Instagram), she will not put aside law. “She has such a nice posture inside the house that I will tell you: this for the profession is very interesting. As a lawyer, it is good for you to have a good posture for society. She is managing to show this to the whole of Brazil. It is wholehearted and consistent with her feelings. She is the type of person who talks a lot and can be annoying, but you never want to stop listening. “

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