Family Ties: Camila celebrates healing, Pedro reunites with his ex and Miguel asks Helena to marry him again

Camila (Carolian Dieckmann) on stage in the soap Laços de Família (Credits: Reproduction)

To know that in the chapter of Thursday (1º) of the soap opera Family relationshipsCamila (Carolina Dieckmann) will finally celebrate the cure for leukemia. The girl suffered a lot until she waited for her sister’s birth and had a successful transplant.

+ Amor de Mãe sets a record at Globo; Consolidated as of 03/30/21

Pedro (José Mayer) will meet ex-wife Sílvia (Eliete Cigarrini), who will give details of her current luxurious life. Finally, Miguel (Tony Ramos) will propose to Helena (Vera Fischer) and she will accept in the chapter of Globo’s soap opera Laços de Família.

In summary, find out what will happen in the Thursday (1) chapter of the soap Laços de Família:

Helena (Vera Fischer) on stage in Globo's soap opera Laços de Família (Credits: Reproduction)

Helena (Vera Fischer) on stage in Globo’s soap opera Laços de Família (Credits: Reproduction)

Camila learns that she is free from leukemia. Estela celebrates 18 years with a costume party. In fact, Sílvia meets Pedro and says that she married an Italian count in the chapter of Globo’s soap opera Laços de Família.

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Finally, Camila meets César at the party and thanks him, saying that she loves him very much. Miguel renews his marriage proposal and Helena accepts. In conclusion, they marry in the church in the chapter of Globo’s soap opera Laços de Família.

Meanwhile, Lacombe is promoted on RedeTV:

According to information provided by columnist Flávio Ricco, Lacombe will be the new anchor of the channel’s main news program, alongside Gabriela Di França. The work of the journalist – a staunch supporter of Jair Bolsonaro – pleased the executives of the house, who were excited by the results of the programs he presented on social media.

RedeTV News has been presented by Mauro Tagliferri. Initially, the broadcaster had only opted out of Boris Casoy because of the worsening pandemic of the new coronavirus, but he ended up being fired in September as a cost-cutting measure.

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