BBB21: At the party, Fiuk teases Juliette but minutes later the unexpected happens: “The world goes round!”

During the BBB party, Fiuk was annoyed by Juliette’s presence for several moments in the house, and even though there are people who don’t like Juliette very much, it’s impossible to deny that Fábio JR’s son. he takes the participant’s foot, sometimes even on purpose, just to have the pleasure of irritating her, and that night it was no different, he took the girl’s foot so much that he made her leave the dance floor at a certain moment.

It all happened when Juliette was on the dance floor making a little phone signal with her hand, as if she were talking to someone while the music was playing, that was reason enough to irritate Fiuk: “Juliette, relax Juliette… if she doesn’t get 5 attention on day, she does not sleep well .. ”, said the brother pinning, it was then that Juliette decided to leave the distance, very irritated by the actor’s comments.


It happens that, 10 minutes later Fiuk was called attention by the production of the program and who ended up losing Estecas at the end of everything was he, at the same time of the Viih Tube event, who had witnessed the previous scene said out loud: “You see, the world goes around ”, then Juliette replies:“ It’s fast, isn’t it? ”



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