Brad Pitt, Kylie Jenner | Brad Pitt arouses indignation after he was observed in Belgium

The superstar has aroused indignation on Twitter after a trip to Brussels.

In this case, you will find some of the most relevant celebrity talkies from home and abroad right now.

The corona pandemic is under its third wave in several countries around the world, and several countries are living with severe restrictions during the day.

Belgium is one of the countries in Europe hardest hit by the pandemic, and the Belgian capital Brussels has been closed for a long time.

So when Brad Pitt (57) was observed in the city recently on a business trip, it has created strong reactions on Twitter among the locals.

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According to the Mirror, Pitt has lived in a top suite in one of the city’s foremost hotels, in addition to having been given a private guided tour of an art gallery, despite the fact that it is closed to the public due to the pandemic.

Pitt was observed with artist Thomas Houseago (49) who is in Belgium to prepare an exhibition at the “Royal Museums of Fine Arts”.

‘Unnecessary travel is prohibited. Not if you are rich! And do not say that he is here to support his friend. People here can not visit family members abroad, but celebrities can do whatever they want. It’s outrageous. “ writes a user on Twitter.

Despite the criticism, there are no indications that Pitt’s visit to Belgium is a violation of the rules, and it is believed that he was allowed to enter the country to support his friend.

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Donate huge sum

Kylie Jenner was hit hard when she shared a GoFundMe link for one of her former make-up artists who was involved in an accident a little over a week ago.

The star eventually had to go out and deny that she had asked fans for money, but that it was rather meant as a gesture to her former employee.

Jenner is not known for being greedy with the use of money, which for example donated one million dollars – which is equivalent to over ten million Norwegian kroner – in March last year, in the hope of helping to get the corona pandemic under control.

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On Wednesday, it was also announced that the star has donated $ 500,000 to “Monroe Carell Jr.” Children’s Hospital »in Nashville, USA. The hospital is one of the country’s foremost child hospitals, and accepts all types of patients, writes the Daily Mail.

The money will go to the construction of a new patient area called “Hey, I’m Here For You Teen Lounge”, which was started by Jenner’s friend, Harry Hudson who became ill with cancer in 2013.

“I am so grateful for Kylie’s friendship and the impact she has had on my life and my cancer journey. She has always been there for me, and together we wanted to find a way to be there for other young people who are fighting this disease. ” said Hudson in a press release.

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