Exclusive: William Bonner and 20 more global companies are assessed by the Federal Revenue – 01/04/2021

Exclusive: William Bonner and 20 more global companies are assessed by the Federal Revenue – 01/04/2021
Exclusive: William Bonner and 20 more global companies are assessed by the Federal Revenue – 01/04/2021
The mega-operation of the Federal Revenue Service that investigates alleged irregularities in contracts for Brazilian TV professionals continues to make new “victims”.

The operation was revealed last year with tax assessments to more than 40 artists from Globo, as published exclusively in August the website “Notícias da TV”.

“Pejotização” in the crosshairs

The IRS accuses artists and Globo of collusion to reduce the payment of taxes and to evade the tax authorities through the so-called “pejotização”.

What is that? Instead of being hired with a formal contract, these professionals opt for an agreement with Globo (or other companies) through their personal companies – the so-called legal entities.

In theory, this gives them the freedom to have other activities: making cinema, theater, advertisements, “merchans”, presentation of events and “vip” attendance at events (paid, of course) etc.

For the IRS, however, this is a maneuver to reduce the rates due and evade taxes:

Instead of paying 27.5% of their earnings on Globo (as with individuals with higher salaries), “pejotizados” professionals pay lower rates (15% on the total plus 10% on what exceeds R $ 20 thousand monthly).

The IRS even accused the broadcaster and the artists of “criminal organization”, according to “Notícias da TV”.

Bonner is the new victim

The anchor and editor-in-chief of “Jornal Nacional”, William Bonner, also received a millionaire and retroactive notice.

He is appealing, as well as Globo, which denies any irregularity, both in current and past contracts (see note at the end of this text).

In addition to Bonner, the column found that, in this new round of the IRS operation, at least 20 other anchors, journalists, artists and ex-professionals from the Marinho family broadcaster have already received fines from the tax authorities. This is in addition to the 43 assessed last year.

Everyone is appealing.

The assessments have also reached anchors and former journalists at Record, such as Reinaldo Gottino and Adriana Araújo.

However, Globo has so far concentrated the “bulk” of those investigated and fined.

The column has also identified tax assessments that are currently on GloboNews, CNN Brasil and that have already been on SBT

Other side

Sought through CGCom, William Bonner did not comment on the matter, but Globo has been reiterating since last year that all contractual ties are within the legal framework.

The broadcaster says that not only its employees, but the broadcaster itself has the right to contest charges that they consider unfair, and that they are doing so.

Yesterday the broadcaster sent the following note to the column:

“Globo does not comment on issues related to administrative procedures, own or third parties, but clarifies that all forms of hiring practiced by the company, including in relation to the journalist William Bonner, are within the law and all taxes are paid regularly.

Like any company, Globo is subject to inspections, having guaranteed by law also the right to question, in its defense, possible undue charges from the tax authorities. Sign: Central Globo de Comunicação. “

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