Paulo Gustavo’s sister declares to the actor: ‘Let’s fly together’

Paulo Gustavo’s sister declares to the actor: ‘Let’s fly together’
Paulo Gustavo’s sister declares to the actor: ‘Let’s fly together’
Paulo Gustavo’s sister, Juliana Amaral, made an emotional post on her Instagram, asking for the comedian’s return, hospitalized with covid-19 in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

She posted a video of her brother and said in the caption: “I love you, brother. Let’s fly together, let’s sing together, brother! Your family, your children, your husband, your friends, your fans are waiting for you with all that energy and love for you !! Let’s laugh a lot still “, she wrote in the first part of the message.

“Receive all this love, @ paulogustavo31. OBS: I ordered my guardian angel to be by your side for me, feel me through him! Prayers at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm”, he added. The prayer chain has been disseminated by her and their mother, Dea Amaral, since the hospitalization of Paulo, who is intubated to better treat the disease.

Yesterday it was the turn of Paulo Gustavo’s mother to publish on social media to ask for the return of her son, who is still intubated because of the covid-19. She shared a video in which she appears on stage during a performance by the actor.

“My son, come back quickly. The stage and its fans are waiting homesick. I miss you so much. I love you,” wrote the artist’s mother in the caption of the post made on Instagram.

Followers also wished the actor’s recovery in the post’s comments. “He will soon be in your arms,” ​​said one of the fans. “Paulo, Brazil loves you. Come back soon,” asked another.

Last Sunday (28), a medical bulletin reported that Paulo Gustavo showed “some signs of improvement both from a clinical and laboratory point of view”. The message also highlighted that the medical team is confident of its recovery.

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