Mia Farrow explains the deaths of three of her 14 children after rumors

Mia Farrow explains the deaths of three of her 14 children after rumors
Mia Farrow explains the deaths of three of her 14 children after rumors
MFarrow decided to speak openly about the deaths of three children, Tam, Lark and Thaddeus. The 76-year-old actress responded – via her Twitter account – to rumors that have been circulating on the internet regarding the subject.

“As a mother of 14 children, my family is everything to me. While I chose a profession that led me to public exposure, most of my children preferred to keep their lives private,” said this Wednesday, March 31 .

Mia explains that she is very selective about what she shares on social networks about her children, but that she has now been forced to explain herself.

“My beloved daughter Tam died at the age of 17 from an accidental overdose due to the horrible headaches she suffered and the disease she had in her heart,” he notes.

As for Lark, who died in 2008, she is described by the artist as “an extraordinary woman, a wonderful daughter, as well as a sister, partner and mother”.

“She died at the age of 35 from complications related to HIV / AIDS, which she contracted from an old partner. Despite the illness, she had a life of love with her children and her partner. She succumbed to the disease and died suddenly in the hospital at Christmas in the arms of a companion “, he reports.

Finally, in relation to Thaddeus, Farrow reveals that at 29 years of age he decided to end his own life, after having seen a relationship suddenly ending.

Note that the rumors emerged after the HBO documentary – ‘Allen v. Farrow ‘.

“These are inexplicable tragedies. Any speculation about their deaths is a lack of respect for their lives, those of their children and loved ones,” he notes.

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