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FILMVETERAN: Mia Farrow, her på ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration i Hollywood i 2018. Photo: Meleah Loya / AFF

Movie star Mia Farrow (76) strikes back at what she describes as “malicious rumors”.

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Farrow, ex-cohabitant Woody Allen (85) and the rest of the family have been the talk of the town in recent weeks in connection with the controversial TV documentary «Allen vs. Farrow »on HBO.

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Here, the world really gets an insight into the heated family dispute that started when film director Allen began a relationship with 26-year-younger Soon-Yi Previn (now 50), the adopted daughter of his own cohabitant, Mia Farrow, in the early 90s.

But it is not just the accusations against Allen that get attention in the wake of the TV documentary.

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People write that there is fierce speculation on the internet that three of Farrow’s total of 14 children are not mentioned in the series, the three children who are no longer alive, Tam, Lark and Thaddeus.

Among other things, a picture Farrow posted in 2016, in which she allegedly manipulated the face of her daughter Tam, has been pulled out again.

The Independent also mentions a blog post from 2018, where Farrow’s son Moses made strong accusations against his mother and the family in general. This post has now been given “new life”

This creates strong reactions from Farrow, who posted a long message on Thursday night Norwegian time


«Few families are perfect, and all parents who have lost a child know that the pain is relentless and eternal. Now, some malicious rumors based on untruths about the lives of three of my children have surfaced online», Writes the 76-year-old, known among other things from the horror classic« Rosemary’s baby ».

«As a mother of 14 children, family means everything to me“, Writes Farrow, who has given birth to four biological children, while the others have been adopted.

The 76-year-old explains that it has been important for her to shield the children in public, since they have not chosen the spotlight like herself. But now she makes an exception and tells everyone how the three died.

«My beloved daughter Tam died at the age of 17 from an overdose of migraine painkillers, combined with a heart defect», Farrow confides and emphasizes that the overdose 21 years ago was an accident.

About Lark, who passed away in 2008, she writes:

«She turned 35 and died as a result of complications from HIV / AIDS, which she contracted from a former partner. Despite the illness, she lived a rewarding and loving life with her children and boyfriend for many years. But she eventually had to give up and died suddenly in the hospital at Christmas – in her boyfriend’s arms».

About her son Thaddeus, she says that he chose to leave life in 2016 – 29 years old.

«He lived happily with his girlfriend, and we all expected it to be a wedding. But when the relationship abruptly ended, he took his own life.»

IN THE STORM: Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen at Cannes in 2014. Photo: FRANCK ROBICHON / EPA

I «Allen vs. Farrow »Mia Farrow and Dylan Farrow elaborate on the serious allegations that first became known to the public almost 30 years ago – when Allen broke up with Farrow.

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Allen, who has always denied guilt, is in armor over the documentary. The same is true of his wife, who is now 50 years old. The two married in 1997 and have had two children together. The couple accuses the docu-creators of collaborating with the Farrow family to carry out “a constructed job filled with lies”.

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