“I’m sorry for my mistakes, in case it looked like I was cheated, cruel or really bad,” says Gil at X-Ray

This Wednesday morning, after venting out alone and changing his look, Gil talked about Sarah and asked the audience for forgiveness during the X-ray do BBB21.

“Hi Brazil, I want to first send a kiss to Sarah, to say that she was wonderful”, began the Pernambuco man. “I want to ask Brazil for forgiveness for not being me on the wall. I get it, I don’t like the hype, Tuesday I’m here on the wall for you. I want to ask for forgiveness for my mistakes, if it looked like I was cheated, if I was cruel, if I was really bad ”.

“I’m sorry if I’m here making you see something that you don’t want to see, hear what you don’t want to hear”, continued the brother. “But this is me, with my mistakes, with my successes. I am this here and ready. I also won’t be martyred for being who I am. That’s it. What I can do is go to the wall for you to get me out of here with 99%. ”

“I’m very sincere, I’m very intense, I’m crazy, I’m freaked out, I’m crazy, but that’s me. Forgive me everyone, but you have nothing else to do. I only have forgiveness for asking, ”he concluded.

See the video:


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